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Elephants Are Just As Smart As Your Baby, Deal With It

Is there anything these majestic creatures can't do? No, don't tell us.

Besides the adage "an elephant never forgets", you might not know that elephants are just pretty darn smart in general. The most recent finding in the field of elephant cognition places their brains on a seriously human level: they spontaneously understand what pointing means. For real.

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Edward Snowden Welcome To Hang Out In Russia If He Knocks Off All The Intelligence Leaking Business

There's one more place Edward Snowden could stay without fearing extradition, but only if his leaks about the NSA and CIA come to a halt.

After nearly a month on the run and spending the past week living in Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport -- we think -- the final fate of NSA leaker Edward Snowden is still up in the air. This morning saw a new wrinkle added to Snowden's life on the run, though, as Russian president Vladimir Putin announced today that Snowden would be welcome to stay in Russia without living in fear of extradition, provided he stops leaking sensitive information about U.S. intelligence programs like PRISM, or his latest hit, documents indicating that the United States bugged the stateside offices of EU allies.

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Meet PRISM, the NSA’s Internet Intelligence Gathering Service

Don't worry about introducing yourself, though. PRISM already knows you quite well.

Yesterday, when it became clear that the National Security Agency was once again gathering the phone records of millions of American citizens without warrants or cause, it seemed like...oh, let's be politic and call it "an overstep." Turns out, we didn't even know what an overstep was, as it has now become clear that the NSA's phone record gathering program is far from the only questionable activity the NSA has its fingers in. Take for example the PRISM program, which collects data on Internet users -- including emails, file transfer records, and voice and video chats -- by tapping directly into the servers of Internet companies like Google, Microsoft and Facebook, just to name a few.

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Once Upon a Time‘s Ruby Grabs the Lead Role in Another Show

The Boob Tube

All due congratulations to Meghan Ory, but… Ruby! Don't leave!

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Gene For Dementia Risk Might Make Carriers More Clever During Youth

In news that makes us glad our memories are, as a team, pretty terrible, a team of researchers led by the University of Sussex has found evidence suggesting that a gene variant associated with dementia late in life is also associated with improved memory, math skills, and verbal abilities earlier in life. It's a troubling reminder that, sometimes, the candle that burns twice as bright really may burn half as long.

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Not Your Imagination: Humanity Getting Progressively Dumber and Crazier

When the news of the day consists of things like Elmo's underage sex scandal, it's easy to think sometimes that the world and everyone in it is just getting more awful by the minute. According to a recent paper published in the journal Trends in Genetics, it appears that may be exactly the case. In even more depressing news, it seems to be because being intelligent and empathetic are no longer traits that are evolutionarily selected for. Man, we could have told you that.

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