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Bias, Not Behavior Determines Women’s Fate in the Workplace According to New Data From Harvard

Even as we acknowledge how terrible sexism is, the onus of halting its effects is often placed on women. We frame sexual assault in terms of women "not getting raped" as opposed to telling men not to rape. We frame domestic responsibilities in terms of women "having it all" as opposed to men "sharing some." In the workplace, women have been advised to "lean in," but all the leaning in in the world doesn't rid the workplace of the one thing that truly stops women's careers in their tracks: bias.

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Harvard’s Incoming Class Is Majority Non-White, Which Breaks a Staggering, Yet Unsurprising Old Record

It's the first majority non-white class in Harvard's 381 year history.

Harvard, in its over 381 year history, has never had an incoming class that wasn't predominantly white—until now, that is.

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Harvard Rescinds Admissions Offers After Incoming Freshmen Post Offensive Memes

It's 2017, and what you do on the Internet has real-life ramifications. No one should internalize this message more than the group of students who gained admission to one of America's most elite institutions only to lose their place because of behavior on Facebook.

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John Williams Looked So Entertained By This A Capella Medley of His Famous Film Scores

The Harvard Din & Tonics celebrated John Williams' illustrious composing career with an a capella medley of his most recognizable movie themes.

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Rihanna Named 2017 Harvard University Humanitarian of the Year

The award recognizes "prominent public-spirited leaders each year in honor of the late Rev. Professor Peter J. Gomes."

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Science Says, If You Like Instagram’s ‘Inkwell’ Filter, You Might Have Depression

Can you tell whether someone has depression just from looking at their social media accounts? According to scientists from Harvard University and the University of Vermont, there are some telltale patterns.

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This Bionic Leaf Does Photosynthesis Better Than Plants, Could Power Cars Someday

Suck it, plants—this bionic leaf has got you beat ten times over! A team of researchers at Harvard University, led by Daniel Nocera and Pamela Silver, have been perfecting this leaf's ability to perform artificial photosynthesis.

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Harvard University All-Male Final Club Says They Don’t Admit Women to Protect Them From Sexual Assault

It seems that the graduate board president of one of Harvard University's most exclusive, all-male final clubs has broken 225 years of silence to issue a statement about why they choose to remain all-male. They're trying to protect women, you guys. Or something.

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Researchers Say Girls Drinking Soda Causes Their Periods to Start Sooner, My 15-Year-Old Self Has Contrary Evidence

Researchers at Harvard say young girls who drink too many sugary drinks may enter puberty earlier than those who don't. But... but... I was drinking soda straight from a bar spout when I was seven, so...

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Whoops, “Gravitational Waves” Big Bang Evidence May Have Just Been Dust

There's a strong metaphor in here somewhere about the nature of the universe...

Gravitational waves that would've formed during the Big Bang's "inflation" were theorized in 1980, but earlier this year a team announced that they'd found proof of the waves' existence, which would be strong evidence in support of the Big Bang. Since then, the discovery has faced a lot of scientific opposition, and new research shows it may have just detected dust in the wind magnetically aligned patterns.

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Nearly Indestructible Inflatable Robot Crawls Its Way Into Your Nightmares

Metroid had it right. Crawling robots are a no-no.

Never before has a pink, squishy, crawling robot filled you with so much nope.

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Massive Swarm of Tiny Robots Built To Study Collective Behavior, Haunt My Dreams

Nope. Nope nope nope nope nopenopenopenopenope

There are plenty of examples in the animal kingdom of a group working together to accomplish a single task, so naturally this is a behavior scientists are trying to replicate in robots. Harvard University's Kilobots (one letter away from K-I-L-L-B-O-T-S, I'm on to you, Harvard) can collectively and spontaneously replicate shapes. Watch them in action. Terrifying, nightmarish action.

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Harvard Library Confirms That Yes, One of Their Books Is Totally Bound in Human Skin

I hope it's a Nicholas Sparks novel.

A few months ago, the Internet was abuzz with rumors that the Harvard Library has a couple of books that may or may not be bound with human flesh. Days later, the library released a report that two of the books in question are not human so we can all just calm down. Except... whoops! The third one is.

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Researchers Believe the “Gospel of Jesus’ Wife” to Be No More Fake Than Other Gospels

"And lo, Jesus was too busy making metaphors for strangers to remember my birthday."

"The Gospel of Jesus' Wife" is a pice of papyrus that contains controversial statements about—you guessed it—Jesus' wife. It says things like, "Jesus said to them, My wife... she is able to be my disciple..." and probably a lot about how he's always out boozing it up on water-wine with his 12 buddies. Now there's research showing its authenticity.

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Hey, One of the Harvard Human Skin-Bound Books Isn’t Human Skin After All!

So... wait, but what about the other two?

So you know how Harvard's had some anthropodemic-bound books in their libraries for the past couple of years? Brand new information from the university was published yesterday suggesting that one of those three books is actually bound in sheepskin. Oh, good! That's much less viscerally horrific. You know, unless you're a sheep.

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So Harvard Miiiight Have a Couple of Books in Their Library That Are Bound With Human Flesh

I mean, only three. That's not so bad, right?

Hey, so you know how flesh is a thing that's normally supposed to be attached to your body? And you know how fancy books are usually bound in leather, which is dried flesh from other animals that aren't human? Yeah, we're pretty sure you know where we're going with this. We don't like it, either.

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Relax, MIT and Harvard Scientists Did Not Build a Lightsaber

We find your lack of accuracy... disturbing.

A team of physicists from MIT and Harvard have created a new form of matter by binding photons into molecules. The team compared the way these new molecules interact to lightsabers, and the Internet went bonkers. Pump the brakes, everyone. They have not created a lightsaber. Here's what happened.

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Bill Gates Admits That Control+Alt+Delete Was A Big Mistake

Next maybe he'll have something to say about the blue screen of death.

The "three finger salute" of Control+Alt+Delete has been a part of Microsoft lore since it was first put into the Acorn computers in 1981 by developer David Bradley. It's also used to log in to Windows 7 and below, which annoys users to this day. Gates is real sorry about that, as it turns out.

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Diamonds and Gold Take Cell Temperature, May Be Key to New Cancer Treatment

Accurate nanothermometers are a girl's best friend.

Cells are tiny, which makes it pretty hard to take their temperature. A recent study published in Nature, however, suggests that diamonds and gold fragments can be used to read the temperature of individual cells. This could open up new avenues of research regarding cell behavior, and may be the first step toward a more deft method of killing cancer cells.

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Brain-to-Brain Connection Established Between Humans and Rats

Step One: Learn to control rat brains. Step Two: CONTROL ALL THE BRAINS

Harvard researchers have devised a way to create a functioning link between the brain of a human and a lab rat that lets a thought from the human test subject cause the rat to move its own tail. The research could prove to be a major expansion to the field of brain-computer interface (BCI), translating thoughts through a computer to another brain.

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