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Republicans and Democrats Agree On Manhattan Project National Park, Manage Not to Vote It Into Existence

We've told you before about legislation in Congress that would make the laboratories that housed the Manhattan Project into a national park, commemorating probably the greatest gathering of scientific minds in the history of time and both the scientific progress (atomic energy) and sickening horror (the atomic bomb) that resulted from it. The Manhattan Project National Historical Park Act finally came up for a vote in the halls of Congress last night, and a majority of our great nation's elected represntatives -- 237 grown adults -- agreed that it should be a thing that exists, which, given the state of our political system today, of course means that the bill failed. Confused? We've got your explanation after the jump.

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The Manhattan Project Labs Might Be National Parks Soon

The  three sites that were instrumental in the creation of the atomic bomb could be on their way to becoming permanent monuments to the Manhattan Project. A bill working it's way through Congress could see Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, the Hanford Nuclear Reactor in Washington state, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee turned into national parks commemorating the Manhattan Project, which was responsible for the creation of the atomic bomb and the possibility of nuclear reactors for generating power. The Project remains one of mankind's most impressive scientific achievements -- and among it's most horrific.

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