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Oscar Pistorius’s Prison Sentence Doubled by Supreme Court

A new update in the case happened when the supreme court of South Africa raised Pistorius' sentence from six years to 13 years and five months.

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Trump Mixes up America’s Mass Shootings Because There Are Just That Many

Another week, another mass shooting in the only country where this is a regular occurrence! Who can even keep track of who's dying where? Definitely not the President of the United States of America.

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The Country Music Awards Got Very Political Last Night & It Was Excellent

There was a lot of discussion about how the CMAs (Country Music Awards) would tackle gun violence at their show in the wake of the Las Vegas and Texas shootings.

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Samantha Bee Reminds Us What Most Mass Shooters Have in Common: Domestic Violence

On Wednesday's episode of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, Samantha Bee reminded her viewers that 54% of mass shootings are related to domestic or family violence.

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New Punisher Trailer Is the Most Detailed yet, Plus We Finally Have a Release Date

We have our most comprehensive look at the upcoming Netflix/Marvel series featuring Jon Bernthal's Frank Castle ... and now we know when we'll get to binge-watch the show.

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Why Is This Death Wish NRA Propaganda Trailer Still in Theaters?

Thoughts and Prayers I Guess...

Death Wish, an Eli Roth film (not a great sign already), is about Bruce Willis being a lone vigilante gunman going around and shooting criminals. During the opening Sway in the Morning asks us if he’s a hero or a criminal. Criminal. Done. Finished.

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Speaking Out Against Gun Violence Right Now Isn’t “Too Political.” For Most, It’s All We Have

No one is using death to advance their politics. We are trying to use politics to prevent deaths.

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Some Useful Info on Last Night’s Las Vegas Shooting and How You Can Help

Last night marked another tragic milestone in the history of gun violence, with the most deadly mass shooting in modern U.S. history unfolding in Las Vegas. There's a lot of information floating around, so we've condensed things down to what you need to know, as well as some info on how you can potentially help out.

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Aspiring YouTubers’ Stunt Ends in Tragedy and a Charge of Second-Degree Manslaughter

The story of what happened to Pedro Ruiz III and Monalisa Perez is difficult to read. The young couple, who lived in Minnesota with their 3-year-old daughter, sought Internet fame at seemingly any cost. Ruiz paid with his life—and Perez is charged with second-degree manslaughter, after she was convinced to shoot her boyfriend point-blank in the pursuit of "more viewers."

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Trevor Noah: “How Does a Black Person Not Get Shot in America?”

On The Daily Show, Trevor Noah asks the question we're all thinking after the not guilty verdict in the horrific shooting death of Philando Castille.

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UT Austin Students Protest Open Carry Law With Dildos and Backpacks

To protest a law allowing students to carry a concealed weapon on campus, University of Texas, Austin student Jessica Jin is starting her own concealed carry campaign... just not with guns, exactly.

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Anita Sarkeesian Cancels Speaking Engagement After Threats Of Campus Shooting

Well, it's finally happened. Feminist Frequency's Anita Sarkeesian, who's long been a target of harassment and abuse for her work on how women are portrayed in video games, was forced to cancel a public appearance due to safety concerns in light of a threat against her and the institution where she was scheduled to speak. Trigger warning for violence, particularly violence against women.

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Jim Carrey Decries Violence of Kick-Ass 2, Mark Millar Responds by Defending Media Violence

What did he expect when he signed on for a film called Kick-Ass 2?

Jim Carrey, who is playing Colonel Stars and Stripes in the upcoming Kick-Ass 2, spoke out on Twitter saying that he isn't happy about the level of violence in the film. The film, which, again, is called Kick-Ass 2, is a sequel to a movie whose MPAA R rating was due to "strong brutal violence throughout, pervasive language, sexual content, nudity and some drug use - some involving children." The film that was also, coincidentally, filmed months ago. Perhaps Mr. Carrey should have expressed his discontent sooner.

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