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Ground Finch Genome Sequenced to Honor Darwin, Tell Finches Apart

Scientists have sequenced the genome of the medium ground finch, marking the unassuming bird's second contribution to the wonderful world of science. The first? This finch (geospiza fortis) is one of Darwin's Finches, one of many varieties of finch species studied by the revered naturalist on his trip to the Galapagos Islands, where he laid the groundwork for his theory of evolution. Its contributions to evolutionary science may not be over, as researchers hope to use their new insights to the finch genome as a tool to explore evolution in real time. Though it does occur to us that this seems like a lot of responsibility to lay at the feet of a tiny bird that probably just wants to eat seeds all day. We promise, though, medium ground finch, after that you can hit the showers. Good hustle, get some rest.

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