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Hamilton Tour Not Casting Women as Burr or Washington After All

We still have to wait for it

Hamilton fans got some sad news overnight. Remember that shining moment when the national tour of Hamilton announced that the show would be auditioning men and women for the roles of Aaron Burr and George Washington? Yeah...that's not actually happening.

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Hamilton Tour Possibly Gender-Swapping Roles of Aaron Burr and George Washington

If you're a female theater performer who wishes you weren't limited to auditioning for one of the Schuyler Sisters or Maria Reynolds in the Broadway hit Hamilton when it expands to other cities, it looks like Washington's On Your Side! So's Burr.

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Macbeth Is Now a Woman: Why Gender-Swapped Casting Needs to Happen More

Macbeth is now performed by a woman, and it's a glorious thing.

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Sandra Bullock to Star in All-Female Ocean’s Eleven Movie

I'm not super familiar with the Ocean's Eleven fandom, will anybody's childhood be ruined by this?

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Stephanie Meyer’s Genderswapped Version of Twilight: Life and Death

On Twilight's 10th anniversary (wow, has it been that long), Stephanie Meyer revealed that her fans can take a bite out of something brand new: a re-imagining of the original Twilight book.

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Don’t Conceal Your Feelings For This Amazing Rule 63 Frozen Cosplay

Now we just need a great Rule 63 Hans.

I can't let my love for Disney's Frozen go, and neither can cosplayer and Elsa. There's also a little King Elsa action by Hadukoushi. Enjoy these amazing cosplay shots, while I go find a stuffed Olaf to hug.

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Video Game Characters, Gender-Swapped


Palette swaps are a common enough occurrence in the world of gaming (here's looking at you, Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Reptile, Ermac, Rain, and Noob Saibot), but gender swaps? Not so much. Nevertheless, one artist has taken it upon himself to examine the age-old question: What if Luigi and Link were women, and Lara Croft and Samus were men?

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