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Got a Favorite Cat Video? Vote For It To Win The 2013 Friskies Award

Of course, the winning cats will be way more interested in the box the award comes in.

There's an award ceremony for literally everything these days -- includin gone for the best cat video on the Internet. That's right, voting for the the 2013 Friskies is currently underway, as sponsored by the cat food company of the same name. It's not like cats don't already dominate the internet, the least they should get is some recognition for it.

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You Vs. Cat iPad Game is an Interspecies First

Cats have been pretty keen on the iPad since its initial release. Well, if not exactly "keen on" then at least "perplexed by." That being the case, why not capitalize on cat owners' tendency to watch (and record) their cats doing funny things by releasing iPad apps just for cats? Friskies has already been down that road with games like Jitter Bug and Cat Fishing, but at SXSW the cat food company introduced a new kind of cat-centric iPad game: You vs. Cat. I think the title is pretty self-explanatory.

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“Cat Diaries: The First-Ever Movie Filmed by Cats!” [Video]

Sure, the "diaries" name is reminiscent of something from late-night Cinemax, and it's basically an ad for Friskies, but that doesn't mean it's any less entertaining. In August 2010, Friskies attached cameras around the necks of 25 cats, which they called repurrters, and let the cats film for five days. The resulting footage was edited into this adorable video showcasing what it's like to be a cat and eat ladybugs and drink from puddles.

(Friskies RePURRters via PetaPixel via Gizmodo)

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