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Collins Dictionary Wants You To Vote For Its Next Word On Twitter

Can I vote "no confidence"?

People of the Internet! For too long we have been subjugated to derision for not conforming to the rigidly idealized grammar and vocabulary of our forefathers, but no longer! Collins Dictionary is giving us a chance to choose a new word that'll make it into their next edition -- over Twitter, of course.

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“Fatbergs” in London Sewer to Become World’s Grossest Alternative Energy Source

While fossil fuels drive the economy, they're not going to last forever, which is why we're looking pretty much everywhere for new sources of energy. Now solar power, wind power, biodiesel fuel, geothermal energy, and many other have been joined by a new source of fuel: Fatbergs, the massive lumps of congealed oil that coagulate and sometimes clog the sewers of London. A British energy company is planning to harvest the bergs and use them to generate electricity. Enough electricity, in fact, to power 39,000 British homes every year.

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