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83 million Active Facebook Users Aren’t Human

Real Or Not Real?

The evening I was accepted into my university of choice, I, like many college prefrosh, immediately joined my incoming class's Facebook group and began to prowl for my future besties. That night I received more friend requests than I had since I'd first made my account. Of course, once I arrived at school, I ended up friends with none of the ecstatic people that clogged my news feed, but to this day I haven't really unfriended anyone -- I sort of like seeing the lives of my peers unfold in ways so drastically different than mine. However, not all of my pre-college Facebook friends turned out to be innocuous -- imagine my surprise when, at the end of my first semester, my college blog reported that one Aaron Phillips, someone we had all friended, didn't even exist. Although nothing malicious was done with his fake Facebook account, it was a tad unsettling that someone had friended all of us and achieved access to private-ish information by posing as a student. And as it turns out, this isn't a rare occurrence -- according to Facebook’s company filings published this week, around 83 million users have been identified by Facebook as likely to have come from fake sources.

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Facebook Estimates They Have Over 83 Million Fake Users

In a filing with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission from this week, Facebook has revealed that their site has around 955,000,000 monthly active users. That's a fairly impressive number until one looks at the fine print:. Out of that 955 million, over 83,000,000 are actually fake users. This revelation comes at a time when many are questioning whether Facebook ads are worthwhile.

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