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Build Your Own Handheld “Game Girl” For All Your Retro Gaming Needs

But can it run Crysis?

Calling all makers! Do you like to play with electronics? Do you have access to a 3D printer? If so, you can make your very own DIY handheld gaming device, thanks to the mad geniuses at Adafruit.

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Finally, an Infographic That Teaches You to Build a Lightsaber

The cosplay is strong with this one.

Was your 2014 New Year's Resolution "build a lightsaber"? If so, this infographic from electronics supplier Newark has you covered. Of course, it's teaching you to build a lightsaber replica and not an actual lightsaber, but still. It's an elegant infographic for a more civilized age.

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Report Suggests Kids Born Today Will Spend 25% Of Their Lives Looking At Screens

How much time do you spend staring at a screen  on a daily basis? Probably not as long as your kids will, if there's anything to a new study released today, which found that kids in the United Kingdom will spend an average of 1/4 of their lives watching a screen of some sort. If that seems a little low to you -- and it does to us -- keep in mind that number isn't counting hours spent at work, where watching videos of cats being cute or people hurting themselves or cute cats hurting people is most prevalent, meaning that the real hours spent watching a TV, computer or phone screen will register somewhere around "all of them."

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JetBlue to Rollout Free In-Flight Wi-Fi That Doesn’t Suck in Early 2013

JetBlue wants to give you free Wi-Fi service during your flight starting next year. Well, it'll be free until the new service is installed on 30 JetBlue planes, which seems like a weird benchmark. Maybe that's why we're not running a major airline. Perhaps even more important than being free, JetBlue has set one very clear goal for the service, due to start in the first couple months of 2013: It must not suck. That would certainly set it apart from current in-flight Wi-Fi offerings, the bar for which is set so low that it is functionally a ditch.

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"House of the Rising Sun," Performed on Various Pieces of Electronic Equipment [Video]

Using an old flatbed scanner, two oscilloscopes, and busted hard drive, YouTube user bd594 was able to create this startling rendition of the Animals' classic "House of the Rising Sun." You may think you've heard classic tunes recreated on barely functional pieces of electronics before, but this is a truly impressive effort. Read on after the break for a full list of the "performers."

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Pen With Silver Ink Can Draw Circuits that Actually Work

Some scientists at University of Illinois have developed a pen that essentially draws circuit diagrams that will actually work, but no, you can't use it to draw a hamburger that you can actually eat because this is science, not magic, unfortunately. The pen uses a silver solution (the element, not the color) that allows the wielder to draw working electronic circuits on a number of different surfaces.

Printers have used metallic ink to print circuits for a while now, but this pen, while being cheaper and more versatile, also adds a little bit of unique, artistic flair to the process. This, combined with the fact that the ink will maintain connectivity even after being folded, could make some waves in the worlds of disposable electronics and electronic art. Sure, this thing probably isn't going to change the whole world, but the parts of it that it does change should be pretty awesome.

(via Short Sharp Science)

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Best Buy and Target Begin Used Game Trade-Ins

Not long after THQ announced its war on used game buyers, both Best Buy and Target announced they'll be starting their own used game trade-in programs. Both programs are similar in scope, but differ in details.

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Make Your Walls USB Compatible

Yes, those are USB ports in that picture. No, it's not Photoshop. This exists. Or it will. Once approved for product safety. According to retailer FastMac, you could even install one yourself. Maybe.

"We will have an installation video available shortly so that you can see exactly what is involved and if this is something you feel comfortable doing on your own or if you will need assistance."
So, how much do you like risking electrocution? And who wants to put one in my wall?

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