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Google Maps Quashes Rumors That They’re a Bunch of Remorseless Donkey Killers

Google was in the news yet again this past Monday when the internet community bore witness to a disturbing picture of what appeared to be a donkey that was struck by a roving Google Maps Street View car in the Kweneng region of Botswana, Africa. News of the donkey-related vehicular homicide spread quickly and caused quite the uproar on various social media outlets -- despite what others may say, the Internet truly does care for the welfare of pack animals -- demanding that Google stop hiding behind its money piles and explain itself. Caving from the heat brought down on them, the company made a statement today to deny any and all allegations that they're a bunch of monstrous donkey slayers.

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Israeli Biblical Times Theme Park Turns Donkeys Into Wi-Fi Hotspots

At Israeli theme park Kfar Kedem, you can get a realistic taste of what it was like to live in biblical times. This was a simpler era, when there were no antibiotics, being stoned to death was a very real possibility, and livestock just strutted around city streets like they owned the place. Yes, living in biblical times sucked. The managers of Kfar Kedem seem to have acknowledged the problems inherent in building a theme park around the idea of visiting a time when everything was just measurably worse than the world we actually live in, and have begun adding some modern amenities to the experience. Now, when you visit Kfar Kedem, the donkey you are riding around the park will also be a convenient Wi-Fi hotspot. Just like in the Bible!

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