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Dog and Baby Battle it Out Over Dog Food [Video]

I'm surprised the dog puts up with this.

(via Best Week Ever)

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Billboard Dispenses Dog Food When Passersby Check In on Foursquare

GranataPet brand dog food figured out a clever way to beat the problem with food ads: In most forms of media, consumers generally can't taste or smell the food being advertised. Granted, they solved the issue with dog food, rather than people food, and the billboard is in Germany instead of everywhere, but they solved the issue nonetheless. When one checks in at the billboard via Foursquare, some of the dog food slides out of a dispenser and into a bowl, ready for dogs sample. The billboard isn't too complicated, as the checkins are sent to a server that is connected to a box which controls the dispenser. Head on past the break to see a video of the billboard and adorable freeloading dogs in action.

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This Dog Opens a Can of Dog Food [Video]

This dog accomplishes a fairly amazing feat: It opens a can of dog food all by itself. No, the dog doesn't go the kitchen, search through five drawers before it finds the can opener hiding behind the tub of protein powder sitting on the kitchen counter, then methodically cut off the top of the can over the garbage so the liquid doesn't dribble onto the counter. The dog happens to know how to hold down the can and pop open the metal tab with its mouth, which is ridiculously impressive, as I frequently have to employ the use of a spoon or fork to pop open can tabs.

Bonus: Make sure you have headphones in or the volume up when the video hits 0:34.

(via BuzzFeed)

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The World’s First Ice Cream Truck … For Dogs!

On these hot summer days, if we hear the tinkle of a Mr. Softee ice cream truck rolling up to the curb, we giggle in hand-clapping glee. Now, Britain's dogs also have something worth panting for: This Saturday, the K99 Van will be debuting its canine-tailored desserts at The Boomerang Pets Party in Regents Park, London. A team of scientists--because this is serious cuisine, folks--concocted "the perfect combination of temperature, texture and taste," reports the Daily Mail, ensuring that the ice cream would be both tasty and safe for dogs.

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