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Distinguished Warfare Medal

After Protests, Military May Nix Proposed Cyber Warfare Medal

A while back, we brought you the news that the Pentagon was considering awarding a new medal -- the Distinguished Warfare Medal -- to soldiers who may have never set foot on a battlefield. That idea didn't set well with some lawmakers and plenty of veterans, though. In the face of these protests, newly minted Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has ordered a halt to the production of the medals pending a review of the new award.

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Modern Warfare: New Medal Announced For Drone Pilots, Military Computer Wonks

On Wednesday afternoon, outgoing Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced a new medal would be added to the roster of decorations for American soldiers -- the Distinguished Warfare Medal. Like most other medals, this one will be awarded to soldiers whose actions had a heroic impact on the battlefield. Unlike other medals, though, it won't require that the soldier have actually been on the battlefield, as the Distinguished Warfare Medal is meant to honor cyberwarriors, drone pilots, and others who serve their country remotely, sometimes without ever being involved in traditional combat. Learn more and get a look at the new medal below.

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