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Nintendo Shutters Some Wii Online Services, Would Really Like You to Buy a Wii U

Nintendo sure would love it if you went out and bought a Wii U, their shiny console which is still warm from the factory. Particularly because it's a product they're still supporting. It's actually best if you don't even look at the older ones. They don't really count anymore. In fact, Nintendo is shutting down a some of the Wii's online services -- you don't use those anymore, right? They seem to assume not.

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Sony to Supposedly Stop Production on Cassette Player/Recorders Next Month

The cassette tape has certainly already had its time in the spotlight. The heydays of the medium's usage are long since over, and apparently those still making cassette devices are coming to this same realization. Yes, there are still companies out there making these things, but not for long. Sony's apparently going to stop production of their latest cassette player/recorders as of January. If you really want to own one of these suckers, now's probably a good time to buy.

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