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Welp, Computers are Ordering Illegal Drugs From the Internet Now

Yes, IRL.

If someone programs a robot to randomly purchase items, and it happens to order illegal drugs and a forged passport, was a crime committed? And if so... who committed it?

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Review: Blackhat is a Series of Fun, Dumb Tubes

Avengers/Suicide Squad crossover, go!

The weirdest thing about Blackhat isn't that it's set in a universe where all computer scientists look like Chris Hemsworth or Leehom Wang (not that computer scientists can't be beefcakes, but there's beefcake and then there's BEEFCAKE).

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20 Crimes Committed and Solved on Facebook [Infographic]

You know something is finally working its way into a culture when it starts being involved in crimes, and that's where we're getting with Facebook. It used to just be a way for college kids to share goofy pictures of each other and brag about how cool they are since they're drinking alcohol now, but it's come a long, long way since then, for better or worse. People have become so comfortable with Facebook that they've let slip all kinds of information that have led to arrests for everything from vandalism to murder. And, of course, people are doing illegal things on Facebook too. This infographic by Criminal Justice Degrees Guide delves into 20 particularly notable cases of Facebook-related crime. Check it out after the jump.

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Japan Criminalizes Computer Virus Creation

In order to combat the rising tide of cybercrime, the Japanese government has enacted a sweeping new law that criminalizes the creation of computer viruses and grants broad powers to law enforcement investigating computer crimes. The new legislation became law this past Friday, and is meant to provide new tools to Japanese police who perviously had no domestic laws with which to prosecute cyber criminals. According to The Mainichi Daily News, the law carries a three year jail sentence and fines in excess of $6,000 (500,000 Yen) for creating and distributing computer viruses, and lesser fines and jail time for acquiring and storing viruses. Fortunately for computer security researchers, the law provides a "reasonable cause" caveat. The law also makes it illegal to send pornographic email spam. Not everyone is happy about the new law, however.

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Snoop Dogg Vows to Fight Cybercrime with Rap Contest

Not an Onion headline: Hack Is Wack is a Norton-sponsored, Snoop Dogg-approved competition wherein contestants submit an "anti-cybercrime rap video" two minutes in length or shorter. "Entries can rap about topics including hacking, identity theft, computer viruses, and why it's important to protect yourself from online crime," and the winner gets tickets to a Snoop Dogg concert, round trip airfare for two to LA, lots of face time with Snoop's management, and a Norton-packed Toshiba laptop.

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