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Who Wants to Get Really Depressed About Climate Change? Thanks, Adam Ruins Everything!

In the latest trailer for TruTV's Adam Ruins Everything, host Adam Conover talks about climate change in the most realistic and depressing way possible. Like, you know how him "ruining" stuff is often funny? Yeah...this isn't even funny.

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Weather Channel Meteorologist Schools House Science Committee on Cherry-Picked Climate Data

Last week, the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology tweeted out an anti-climate science propaganda article as a slam against "alarmists." Unfortunately, there's plenty of reason to be alarmed, as the Weather Channel has laid out effectively, after one of their segments was disingenuously used to bolster the article's claims.

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NASA’s Climate Science May Be in Trouble With New Administration for Being Too “Politicized”

PC culture has gone too far when we can't even deny science without ridicule anymore!

That darn PC culture! We can't even use words to deliberately punch down at less fortunate people or ... ignore our role in destroying the planet we all need to live on? That last part is how the Trump campaign's advisor on NASA feels, apparently, as he's mentioned that they're poised to scrap NASA's Earth science projects in order to prioritize space exploration.

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NASA’s New Artist-in-Residence Draws Attention to Climate Change

For his residency, Justin Guariglia is collaborating with geoscientists at NASA to "figure out fresh ways to present the effects of climate change to the public."

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Oh, Just NASA Lurking on Facebook to Shut Down Climate Change Deniers

NASA: hard at work just like the rest of us.

When you're a Facebook page called NASA Climate Change (or when you run one, because NASA's Facebook pages probably are not sentient—probably), a climate change denier claiming to be supported by NASA while leaving a Facebook message for Bill Nye might as well be your bat signal. Exactly that situation arose just days ago, and NASA Climate Change descended to exact justice on its unwitting prey.

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Things We Saw Today: Improv Everywhere’s Latest Prank Shows Potential Dangers of Time Travel

We've all seen enough sci-fi to know that time travel, while seemingly cool, is also really dangerous! What happens if you screw something up and change the past or irrevocably affect the future? Or, what happens if you meet your past or future self? The awesome performance group Improv Everywhere did the above performance on a NYC subway car to show what could happen. And by the way...these are totally not twins.

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Bill Nye Explaining Dreams With Emojis Is Classic Bill Nye the Science Guy

In the latest installment of Bill Nye's emoji series on Mashable Water Cooler (which has covered evolution, the internet, climate change, etc), Bill Nye covers the science of sleep and different kinds of sleep.

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COP21: Margaret Atwood Disrupts Climate Change Apathy As Only Margaret Atwood Can

Hail to the chief.

I recognize that for a lot of people--even those living in large cities or who are otherwise disconnected from the natural world--climate change still feels like a present and pressing problem. But somewhere in my seven years since moving from British Columbia (the Canadian Rivendell) to New York (an actual burning trash-pile), the future of our planet slipped to the bottom of my priorities.

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Things We Saw Today: This Chewbacca Can Koozie Always Wins

People will think twice before stealing your beer if you have one of these. This Chewbacca can koozie can be yours courtesy of ThinkGeek. Best part: it's fuzzy and it keeps your drink cold!

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Things We Saw Today: Pequod Wrecks Ships with Whales and Lasers

Call me Mobias.

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U.S. Senate Votes That Climate Change Is Real as Though That Were the Deciding Factor

Can we vote on whether there are aliens next? I'd love for there to be aliens.

Today in "that is not how science works," the United States senate has overwhelmingly voted that climate change is a real thing that's happening, so it must really be real!

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Earth Had Its Hottest Year In Recorded History With 2014, Is Probably Pretty Bummed About This News


Blergh: Separate analyses by both NASA and NOAA have concluded that 2014 that 2014 was super warm. Epic warm. As NOAA put it, "2014 was the warmest year across global land and ocean surfaces" since we first started keeping records of these things in 1880.

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Weather Channel Co-Founder Tells Fox News Global Warming Is a Myth, Says Polar Bears Are “Happier” Than Ever Before

100% chance of eye-rolling, with some possible head-to-desk movement in the late afternoon.

On Monday night, meteorologist and Weather Channel co-founder John Coleman sat down with Fox News host Megyn Kelly to "come out" as a skeptic of global warming and play the world's tiniest violin for climate-change deniers everywhere.

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Japanese Scientists Think Climate Change Could Alter Human Male-to-Female Birth Ratio

And just like that, Congress cares about global warming.

Since the '70s, Japan has seen a surprising fluctuation in the gender ratio of babies born in the country; specifically, there's been an increase in deaths of male fetuses in relation to deaths of female fetuses, which leads to more female babies being born. Surely that can't have anything to do with the way the temperature has been shifting in Japan over the past 40 years. What's that you say? It might? Well, uh oh.

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Ship Lost In Arctic 160 Years Ago Found Due To Global Warming

Good. Soon we'll need all the ships we can get.

In 1845 explorer John Franklin set off to explore the Northwest Passage. The adventurer and his ships the HMS Erebus and the terribly-named HMS Terror were never seen again--until very recently, that is.

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Our Friend Bill Nye Did an AMA, Here Are Our Favorite Answers!

And could we see a return of "The Science Guy" to television?

Our Friend Bill Nye and some of his friends did a Reddit AMA today about searching for life on Jupiter's moon Europa. Nye's answered touched on some other excited subjects like the possibility of his return to television!

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Wyoming Schools Won’t Teach Climate Change to Protect the Oil and Coal Industry Causing Climate Change

Sure. Raise a generation of science-illiterate students. What could go wrong? Oh... right... everything.

Schools in Wyoming are the first to reject the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) that include lessons on, among other things, climate change. Why? Lawmakers say it's because teaching climate change would turn kids against Wyoming's coal and oil industry (which are causing climate change.) They're probably right.

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Texas Museum Removes Exhibit On Climate Change, Keeps Drill Bits And Fracking Simulator

Psst Ken Ham check it out!

Last week our very own Glen Tickle explained why The Mary Sue won't be lending credibility to climate change deniers by giving them equal consideration when we write about science. Unfortunately, the freedom to embrace facts (global warming is real, and a real bummer) can be a luxury. Texas' Perot Museum of Nature and Science is in the news for allegedly omitting global warming from its exhibits, but it's not the only educational institution bowing to pressure from climate-change deniers.

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Climate Change Denial, Creationism, and Other Bad Science Don’t Deserve Equal Consideration in Science Journalism

There. We said it.

As part of The Mary Sue’s merge with Geekosystem, we’re going to be covering more science stories in the future. We thought it was worth mentioning up front that we won’t being giving equal weight to things like Creationism or climate change denial in our science coverage. Here’s why — they just don't deserve it.

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Pat Sajak Has a Message for Climate Change “Alarmists,” So We’ve Got a Message for Him

Go ahead. Buy some vowels.

Pat Sajak decided to weigh in on the climate change debate with some classic, old man "get off my lawn"-ery on Twitter, so we've got a puzzle we think he'll be able to solve. We've also got some fabulous prizes—like not caring what he thinks about facts.

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