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Drone Dad: Over-Protectiveness At Its Best Worst

"I was like...uh, wow." - Katie. RIGHT?!

So, check this Tennessee dad out. His eight-year-old daughter asks to walk to school on her own, and rather than a) trusting her to know what to do and letting her go, or b) telling her 'no,' because he doesn't think she's ready yet, he came up with this weird third option - having a drone follow her so she can keep an eye on what she's doing.

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Not Just for the Military Anymore: FAA Certifies Two Drones for Civilian Flights

What would you do with a drone of your own?

We cover a lot of drone stories on Geekosystem. We don't always agree on how they're being used, but we certainly agree that they're cool. We want a drone of our own, but that's been an unrealistic dream -- until now. The FAA has approved two drone models for civilian use. We're one step closer to a Geekosystem drone piloting the skies constantly on the lookout for geek news.

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