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Drone Dad: Over-Protectiveness At Its Best Worst

"I was like...uh, wow." - Katie. RIGHT?!

So, check this Tennessee dad out. His eight-year-old daughter asks to walk to school on her own, and rather than a) trusting her to know what to do and letting her go, or b) telling her ‘no,’ because he doesn’t think she’s ready yet, he came up with this weird third option – having a drone follow her so he could keep an eye on what she’s doing.

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What’s cringe-worthy about this is that, in the interest of “good parenting,” this guy is also teaching his daughter some not-so-great lessons like:

1) When parents spy on you without you knowing about it, that’s totally OK!
2) I don’t trust you to do what I told you to do, so even though I said I wasn’t going to watch you, I AM!
3) Sometimes, being followed and spied on is OK, so long as the person spying on you has a really good reason.
4) Privacy? Pfffft.

Meanwhile, her reaction is understandably confused. She knows about it now, but when the reporter asks her how she felt about it, the look on her face says it all as she answers, “I was like…uh, wow.”  There’s so much here that I think is troubling, but what do you all think? Is this dad taking things too far, or do you think this is a great idea? Will drones be the next big topic on all the Mommy Blogs? Inquiring minds want to know.

(via TheFW; Image via Don McCullough on Flickr)

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