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L.A. Officially Replaces Columbus Day With Indigenous Peoples Day—We Now Wait on the Rest of the U.S. to Catch Up

In a move that is one small step toward making amends to the indigenous community, the Los Angeles City Council has officially replaced Columbus Day on the city's calendar with Indigenous Peoples Day. Naturally, not everyone's on the same page about this. *sigh*

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Speaking of Racist Icons That Need to Go, Here’s Adam Ruins Everything On How Everything You Learned About Christopher Columbus Was a Lie

Tuesday's episode of Adam Ruins Everything tackled Christopher Columbus, who somehow still has a holiday despite being a big murderous fraud who didn't understand math and thought the Earth was "shaped like a ball with a breastlike protuberance."

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Franchesca Ramsey Expertly Breaks Down Why Columbus Was a Horrible Person

Franchesca Ramsey, host of MTV's Decoded, released a new video today highlighting the lesser-known problematic history of Christopher Columbus.

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Christopher Columbus’ Santa Maria May Have Been Found, Is A Total Wreck

Just in time for Columbus Day's demise!

After 5 centuries hidden under the briny deep, substantial evidence shows that the elusive wreck of Columbus' Santa Maria may finally have been found off the north coast of Haiti. I guess we need to update that poem now. What rhymes with "topographical evidence"?

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