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Your PS4 is Probably Being Built by College Interns at Foxconn

College students love Playstation, so win-win, right?

Foxconn has enlisted the help of engineering students at the Xi'an Institute of Technology in China to keep up with PS4 production demand. In this instance, enlisted means they're basically being blackmailed with their college degrees. It's OK, greatness awaits!

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Group Claims They Found Children Employed at Samsung Supplier, Which Samsung Obviously Denies

Another week, another accusation of illegal child labor in China. This particular claim, from China Labor Watch, is interesting due to the fact that it concerns Samsung. The technology company conducted an investigation of its own back in September, and they recently claimed that they didn't find any instances of child labor. China Labor Watch claims that they found three underage girls working at HTNS Shenzhen Co., a Samsung supplier. Samsung denies these allegations, because of course they do.

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Foxconn Broke Child Labor Laws by Hiring Underage Interns, Nobody All That Surprised

The amount of labor violation accusations that come out of China isn't something new. As long as there have been factories in the country, accusations have been the norm. From time to time, these even pan out. Accordingly, Foxconn has now admitted that they "accidentally" employed interns under the age of 16 -- the legal working age in the country -- after an internal investigation at their Yantai factory. That's what happens when your company gets workers shipped to them from local educational institutions.

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Apple Admits to Using Some Child Labor, and Let’s Not Even Talk About Their Sweatshop-Like Factory Conditions

In its recent annual report on suppliers, Apple has admitted to using some child labor in its overseas facilities. At the very least, three of its factories were found to have employed eleven fifteen-year-olds. And it gets worse:

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