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New Super Hard Form of Carbon Discovered Can Dent Diamonds

Move over, diamonds -- there's a new toughest form of carbon in the world. A new form of the element that blends both crystalline and chaotic structures has been created by researchers at the Carnegie Institution, and it's so durable it can put a dent in the former world's hardest substance and automatic relationship apologizer.

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Buckyballs Barred by Bureaucrats, Better Buy Before Ban

Everyone loves magnets except for the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Their disfavor is probably due to the fact that children, apparently, can't stop themselves from eating them. Even though Buckyballs, a product with is essentially a series of magnets, clearly indicates that it is not for children, the CSPC has decided to issue a stop-sale order. This is the first time in 11 years that they have deemed it necessary to do so.

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Buckyballs are Back, but in Cube Form

Remember Buckyballs, the toy made from 216 rare earth magnet spheres? Remember how amazingly fun they are to play with? Well, now you can have that same experience with cubes! The brilliant folks at Zoomdoggle have recently rolled out Buckycubes, the six-sided iteration of everyone's favorite magnetic timesink. At first, I was skeptical about Buckyballs being able to make the transition from sphere to cube and still be fun. Wouldn't having flat faces and edges simply mean that I could do less with my high-powered magnet toy? But then I saw the video below and realized that BuckyCubes would be less likely to misalign or slip off as their spherical cousins are so want to do. I'm sold.

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We’re Giving Away 3 Sets of Buckyballs [Update: Contest Closed]

The folks behind Buckyballs have given us 3 sets of the magnetic desktoys -- which normally cost $29.95 -- to give away to you, our loyal readers. Here's how you can win: On our Facebook wall or in the comments below, explain in one sentence how magnets work, a subject that has baffled many of the great minds of our time. Scientific rigor is not required, but originality and creativity are. (No Wikipedia copy-pasting!) Unfortunately, this contest is only open to US winners. Bonus that applies beyond the contest: Through December 15th, enter "Geekosystem" in the section on that asks you for a promo code and you'll receive 15% off your order. Buckyballs demo video below:

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