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The Power of Fandom: Indian TV Producers Cancel Show To Avoid Pissing Off Show’s Own Fanbase

the internet is serious business

Fandom, when it gets organized, can do some pretty crazy things. From charity drives, to write in campaigns, to art exhibitions. Fandom's gotten stuff made, saved lives, brightened days, and even made significant changes to their source by showing enough support to show a network that they shouldn't cancel a show. But well organized fandoms can sometimes be unpredictable, frightening entities to the companies that control their object of passion. Take Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? or What Can I Call This Love?, an Indian soap opera starring Barun Sobti and Sanaya Irani. Well, I say "starring," but the show was cancelled last week because its production company decided that would be less dangerous than making a crucial decision that could annoy the fans.

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Here Is a Hindi-Language Music Video Featuring The Avengers

and let it be known

Did you know that India will see The Avengers a week before the rest of the world? Not only that, but they are also getting their own theme song for the flick! And here it is! ... I don't speak Hindi! That means I really can't tell you anything about what they're saying, but the song is called ''Hello Andheron" ("Hello Darkness") and the band is Agnee, featuring Aditi Singh Sharma. It was directed by Bollywood producer Abbas Tyrewala. Translations are welcome! (via Pajiba) Previously in The Avengers

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The Muppets in Bollywood

it's time to play the music

Not gonna lie. I was totally taken in by this for at least half the trailer. Seemed perfectly plausible to me, and also an overdue collaboration. Oh, and I will stop posting Muppets things first thing in the morning when the Muppets stop having cool things for me to post first thing in the morning. (via Digital Spy.)

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Most Expensive Indian Movie of All Time is Ridiculous

So, there's this Bollywood action movie called Enthiran, otherwise known as Robot, and it happens to be the most expensive Indian film ever made. Beginning around 4:35 into the clip, an android that seems to be a mix between the Terminator and Neo from The Matrix, joins forces with a bunch of copies of himself to form a snake, shoots people with its machine gun tongue, then decides a machine gun tongue isn't potent enough and starts swallowing cars.

The best part, aside from the android's John Henson and Rasheed Wallace grey hair spot, is that this movie was critically acclaimed in its native country, and is the second highest grossing Indian film of all time. Take note, Hollywood producers.

(Slashfilm via Best Week Ever)

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