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Astronauts Enter BEAM Inflatable ISS Habitat for the First Time and Perform Tests

Like "who can bounce highest"?

After a troubled initial attempt at expansion, the NASA and Bigelow Aerospace's BEAM expandable space habitat reached its full size last week. However, it still needs to be tested to ensure that it's an appropriately protective home for humans in the harsh environments in outer space, and astronauts have finally made their way inside to do just that.

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NASA’s Inflatable Bounce House—Er, Space Habitat—Now Successfully Deployed After Initial Problems

Party on the ISS!

Last week, NASA was having a bit of trouble blowing up (inflating, not destroying) their BEAM inflatable space habitat much like a winded partier trying to blow up a raft over the holiday weekend. Now, they've gotten it to work, which means it's time to set about testing the habitat to make sure it's actually worth blowing up in the first place. Gotta save your energy in that summer heat, after all.

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Learn About NASA’s New Inflatable Space Habitat That Totally Looks Like a Marshmallow

The Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM), constructed by Bigelow Aerospace will be transferred to the the International Space Station during SpaceX's resupply mission next month for attachment.

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The FAA Is Encouraging U.S. Businesses to Set Up Shop on the Moon

But what happens when they mine all of the cheese?

We might not know what the Moon is (we actually do), but that won't stop our businesses from buying it up. A letter from the FAA suggests that they want to help companies in the United States set up shop on the moon. The Mooninites will be thrilled to have their own malls to rob.

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SpaceX Announces Partnership With Inflatable Space Station Maker Bigelow Aerospace

A little over a week before SpaceX's planned unmanned mission to the International Space Station, the company has announced a new partnership with Bigelow Aerospace, makers of inflatable habitats for space. Though the deal may sound far-fetched, its a sign that the commercial space industry is maturing quickly an has an eye on the future.

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