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This Women-Led Speech-To-Text Service Aims to Make Transcription Accessible and Affordable

Have you ever transcribed audio before? It's very time-consuming. Unfortunately, audio-to-text programs tend to be very expensive and inaccessible. That's where Transcribe Online comes in!

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YouTube and Facebook Implement Automated Takedowns for “Extremist” Videos

Several internet video hosting behemoths have begun to automate the process of flagging "extremist" videos for automatic removal. Facebook and YouTube are among the websites that have initiated automated takedowns against videos depicting "extremist" political propaganda and/or videos that incite violence.

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RuneScape Punishes Botters With Somewhat Creepy Mock Trial and Execution

The use of programs to automate certain functions, called "botting" in many places, is something that plagues RuneScape. Over the years, multiple methods have been implemented to try and detect, inhibit, and ban botting as a whole. It seems to be something that they've just accepted will happen. That doesn't mean the developers have been idle, however. As of now, any bot caught might be subject to a mock trial and execution at the hands of the Botmaster General in Botany Bay. We're not even kidding.

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Computer Opens Grocery Store Without Staff, Few Notice

This past Friday at 8 AM, the doors at the Pak'n Save in Hamilton, New Zealand. Shortly thereafter, patrons entered the store and began purchasing goods from the self-scan machines. The only catch is that not a single employee was in the store; nor should they have been, as the Pak'n Save was meant to be closed for Good Friday. Glenn Miller, the owner of the shop is blaming the incident on a computer glitch that opened the doors to the store when they should have stayed shut. From the security camera footage, it appeared that most people were unaware that the store's staff wasn't in the building, with most of them paying for their groceries via self-scan and leaving. However, not everyone was so moral, taking the opportunity to waltz off with what was referred to as "truckloads of groceries."

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