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Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

Sunset Overdrive Lets You Play As A Lady, Throws Major Shade At Ubisoft & Assassin’s Creed

Apply lotion directly to that burn, Ubi.

We already told you that you can play as a woman in the Xbox One-exclusive game Sunset Overdrive, but the folks at Insomniac Games want you to know it too. In the process, Insomniac throws Ubisoft right under the bus, dressing their female character just like an Assassin. Amazing. Take that, Ubi, and your lame excuses.

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A Mass Effect & Assassin’s Creed Animator Called Ubisoft Out On Their Misogynist Excuses

And #WomenAreTooHardToAnimate is our new favorite hashtag.

So remember how the Ubisoft developers blamed their lack of female characters in the Assassin's Creed Unity co-op on the "reality of production?" Yeah, that was the worst. Turns out we weren't the only people pretty upset about that lame excuse, because a prolific game animator has straight-up called Ubisoft out on it.

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The Game Critics Awards For Best of E3 Are In

While every entertainment media outlet that ever covers gaming is sure to release some list of top picks from E3, the Game Critic Awards is the closest we come to a unified opinion. That is because it's merely a conglomeration of all the other reviewers. After carefully and meticulously assembling and comparing the opinions of the 21 participating news outlets, winners are decided. The process takes weeks. Those weeks just ended. Behold, the winners are chosen. Here they all are.

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E3 Day 3 In Review, and the Best Game of E3

It’s been a wild ride at my first and hopefully not last (anybody in the media want to hire me?) Electronic Entertainment Expo. I got to play a ton of great games and it feels strange knowing that I won’t be able to play unreleased titles when I go back to real life. I anticipate a severe withdrawal period and a whole lot of checking and rechecking release dates for everything I saw at E3 that I now can’t wait to own. But it wouldn’t be a real day at E3 if I didn’t add some more games to that list of must-haves. Here’s a rundown of everything that I played today, from the great to the greater.

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