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700,000 iPads Sold on Day One? Huh?

Well, the iPad has been available for over twenty-four hours now, so you know what it's time for: Some slightly made up sales numbers!

Research analyst Gene Munster said yesterday that he believes that Apple sold 600-700 new iPads.

Wait, no. 600,000-700,000 iPads.

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ThinkGeek: Real-Life iCade is “A Possibility.” Can April Fools’ Dreams Come True?

Of all of the April Fools' Day jokes that flooded the Internet yesterday, few inspired as much excitement as ThinkGeek's iCade, an '80s style classic arcade cabinet to put around the iPad, letting you play games on it with a "Professional grade arcade stick and microswitch buttons rated for 10,000,000 uses." Too bad it wasn't real.

SlashGear called the iCade a "fake with real promise." Engadget editor-in-chief Joshua Toplovsky tweeted out "man, I SO want the iCade to be real!" Waxy said it was "particularly cruel, because it's an awesome idea that needs to exist." You get the picture.

Well, we got in touch with the good people at ThinkGeek, who confirmed that the iCade has "been our most posted, tweeted and blogged about product this April Fools," and while they wouldn't make any promises and said that making one IRL would pose some technical issues, a real-life iCade is "a possibility."

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iPad Apps: Maybe as Much as 44% Games

With the April 3 release of the new Apple iPad nearing, it seems that early adopters can be assured of a few popular apps right from the word go, particular in the gaming department. Flurry Analytics, a provider of a popular analytics software for mobile applications, has apparently been able to monitor traffic on iPhone OS 3.2 received from the developer iPads out in the wild. According to their data, an impressive 44% of the total iPad apps in development are games. Coming in 2nd and 3rd place are the vague "Entertainment" apps category at 14%, followed by Social Networking apps at 7%.

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Does iPad Frame Reveal Plans for a Camera?

As we mentioned in our rundown of the iPad's pros and cons, the iPad's lack of a camera is one of its most annoying flaws. The lack of multitasking is a more serious problem overall, but would require a different OS. But the camera: how could the iPad not have a camera? An accelerometer, but no camera? And it's not just for vanity street photography: no camera means no teleconferencing (Skype) or augmented reality.

But hold your horses: a Kansas-based Mac repair company, Mission Repair, may have just found proof that the iPad will be able to support a camera after all.

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