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700,000 iPads Sold on Day One? Huh?

Well, the iPad has been available for over twenty-four hours now, so you know what it’s time for: Some slightly made up sales numbers!

Research analyst Gene Munster said yesterday that he believes that Apple sold 600-700 new iPads.

Wait, no.  600,000-700,000 iPads.

Munster got his numbers by counting the number of people who were in the 5th Avenue, New York Apple store (NYC’s 5th most photographed landmark) yesterday morning: 730.  He then placed that number in a dark pentagram and sacrificed two iPod Nanos and a Kindle in order to summon the lesser devil Beelzejobs, who gave him an estimate of all sales.

(Disclaimer: Munster neither placed the number in a pentagram, destroyed valuable technology nor conversed with demons.  He probably did something tricky with numbers.  I probably wouldn’t know the difference.)

Color us skeptical at the use of data from the most iconic and popular Apple store in the country (located in the middle of a prosperous city full of hipsters and tech-nuts) to estimate all sales everywhere.  Likely, time and PR announcements will conspire to give us more concrete information.

(via Loop in Sight.)

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