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Apparently There Is A Third State Of Consciousness And We’ve Never Realized It

It basically means you're awake during all of your terrifying surgeries, hooray!

When you're awake, you're conscious. When you're asleep (or under anesthetic), you're unconscious. We've all got that down. But apparently, according to one anesthetist, there's actually a third state of consciousness, somewhere between the two we know about, that science is just beginning to understand.

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Bad News: Scientists Don’t Know How Anesthesia Works, Good News: They’re Getting Closer

We should all know what coulrophobia is: the fear which we should all have of clowns. But what about tomophobia, the fear of surgery? While most of us don't suffer a severe and crippling fear of going under the knife, most of us still have general anxiety around the event. Then there's that mild but universal concern that the anesthesia administered to us, however unlikely, will wear off in the middle of the operation. It actually happens sometimes -- in 0.2 percent of all surgeries -- and scientists still don't know how anesthesia really works. But they're making strides.

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