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Scientists Grow Human Blood Protein In Rice

If you have donated blood to the American Red Cross even once, you already know what high demand there is. Thankfully, blood is somewhat of a renewable resource when we harvest it from healthy people, but getting healthy people to consent to having their blood harvested is the hard part. Solution? Blood-slaves Artificial blood. Granted, artificial blood is not a new idea, in fact, it's been in the works for a while now, but it looks like scientists may have made a breakthrough when it comes to artificially producing a specific protein called human serum albumin, or HSA. HSA, which is used in vaccines and to treat shock, burns, and liver injuries, can now be harvested from rice plants and in concentrations higher than any previous synthetic approach.

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“Drunk” Tweet Accidentally Sent From American Red Cross Twitter Account

Last night, the above tweet appeared on the Twitter account of the American Red Cross, showcasing something pretty inappropriate for an emergency assistance humanitarian organization. The culprit of the odd tweet was simply someone who had access to the Red Cross Twitter account, and made a mistake using HootSuite. The Red Cross handled the situation pretty entertainingly--something that doesn't happen much these days--and released a charming followup tweet. The best part about all of this, other than the calm (or cold, calculating and secretly terrifying?) poise of the Red Cross, is that the Red Cross managed to turn this digital faux pas into receiving donations (which further solidifies the calculating and terrifying theory), as Dogfish Head Brewery, whose beer was mentioned in the accidental tweet, encouraged donations. Both the culprit's announcement of her mistake and the Red Cross followup tweet can be seen after the break.

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