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Researchers Study Owls For Clues to Reducing Aircraft Noise, Making Planes More Interesting to Hipsters

Remember when Harry Potter fans all wanted pet owls, but then realized that they are vicious winged harbingers of death? Turns out they're also silent harbingers of death, and new research is examining how owls stay so quiet in flight. The goal of the study is to make modern aircraft more silent and owl-like. We suggest building an aircraft made from feathers and that runs on mice.

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Water Droplets Orbiting a Knitting Needle in Space [Video]

Sure, you have a general idea of how gravity works, how things orbit other things and the like, but it can be hard to really parse those kinds of things because they generally happen on such an enormous scale. That's why experiments in micro-gravity can be so enlightening, and moreover, cool to watch. Check out this video of a water droplet orbiting a knitting needle, the first of many as part of a series being developed by NASA and the American Physical Society who aim to bring more cool videos from the International Space Station -- and astronomical knowledge in general -- down to Earth.

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