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United Airlines Banned Two Girls From Boarding A Flight Because They Wore Leggings

United Airlines reportedly banned young girls from boarding a flight from Denver to Minneapolis because they were wearing grey leggings.

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U.S. Government Removes Airport “Pornoscanners,” Proves It Can, If It Wants, Deal With Privacy Better Than Facebook

And Now For Something Completely Different

Those controversial airport X-Ray machines known colloquially as "pornoscanners" are going the way of being able to take bottles of water through security.

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Taking Airborne Won’t Help You: The Top Airports for Spreading Disease

You might want to give that trip to Maui a little more thought. Don't start packing until you take a look at a list of U.S. airports ordered by their likeliness to spread infectious disease. Researchers at MIT have taken a variety of factors into account for determining which airports are most likely to be the hubs of global disease spread. Laguardia or JFK may be a more serious decision than you thought.

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The TSA Makes Over $400,000 a Year From Change Left at Checkpoints

Due to my unending paranoia about air travel, I empty my pockets into my carry on bag well in advance of the security checkpoint. However, it seems that most U.S. travelers are less concerned about their pocket change, as the Transportation Security Administration routinely rakes in hundreds of thousands of dollars in loose change every year. The number for 2010 is truly staggering: $409,085.56.

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King of Kong Billy Mitchell Opens King of Kong Arcade in Orlando Airport

Villain of the 2007 documentary The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters Billy Mitchell has opened up a "King of Kong Arcade" arcade in the Orlando International Airport, which has the aesthetic theme of the titular film. I say aesthetic theme--as opposed to regular theme--because the arcade currently does not have a Donkey Kong arcade machine, which one would assume would be essential to an arcade based on a movie based on Donkey Kong. At least the absence of the unit allows us all to make jokes about how Mitchell wouldn't want someone beating his record in his own arcade.

(Arcade Heroes via GamesRadar via Joystiq)

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What If Every Suburb Had a Tiny Airport?

Most airports as we know them today are big, centralized, and serve many thousands of people in a day. But what if there were little airports all over the place, with small (two-to-four passenger), cheap, automated, energy-efficient aircraft in the place of hulking airliners? We wouldn't need as many roads, commutes would be far faster, and a lot of energy could potentially be saved versus traditional air travel. Such is the basic thinking behind the CAFE [Comparative Aircraft Flight Efficiency] Foundation's Green Flight Challenge, which envisions a landscape dotted with "pocket airports" which are served by Suburban Air Vehicles [SAVs]. In the words of CAFE president Dr. Brien Seeley, "The shocking news is, that after a full century of flight, aviation still fails to fulfill the fundamental purpose of moving people fast without need of roads ... We now believe that green technology can solve this."

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Which Airports Use Full Body Scanners?

You may have heard about those high-resolution full-body scanners being deployed by the TSA in airports across the country, which a lot of people do not like. The reasons for this dislike are many; they provide high-resolution images rendering the person scanned basically naked, and while it's been said that the images will never be saved, this has been proven untrue on similar machines; the alternative, per new regulations, is a procedure now widely known as "junk-grabbing"; there are concerns that the backscatter technology used in about half of the scanners could cause cancer, although the jury's out on that one. (The other half of the scanners use millimeter-wave technology, which uses harmless electromagnetic waves, but can be confused by folds in clothing.) Bruce Schneier has written a very comprehensive timeline of the TSA backlash. A relevant question as many people gear up to fly away for the holidays: Which airports are actually using the new scanners? According to the TSA, the following 68:

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