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Trans Woman Profiled, Detained, Humiliated at Orlando Airport for #TravelingWhileTrans

Shadi Petosky just endured something that all trans people fear might happen to them when they travel: she was detained, humiliated, and treated as hostile simply because of an "anomaly" that showed up on a particle scanner at Orlando airport security.

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Canadian Big Brother is Listening in Airports

Or they will be soon if the Canada Border Services Agency has any say in the matter. It is on said agency's behalf that high-definition cameras and microphones with the capability to eavesdrop on citizens travelling through the airport are being installed. They've stated that no audio recording is happening at current but that they will, in the future, be able to record conversations. Surely they will use this power responsibly and not just record everything. Or not.

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Airport Scanners May Be Able to Brick Kindles

Several Kindle users have reported that after going through security at an airport, their Kindles have stopped functioning. As you might be able to expect, the culprit is none other than the x-ray scanners in security. "After my Kindle went through the X-ray scanner at Madrid airport, it no longer worked. I had been reading an e-book on the way to the airport so I knew there could be no other reason," said affected user Michael Hart, from London. Now, many Kindles have made it through security unscathed, so this isn't a rampant problem, but there is evidence to suggest that the security x-ray's might be to blame.

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Awesome Suitcase Stickers Sure To Get You Attention! (And Maybe a Cavity Search)

Have you ever been watching a movie and seen one of the characters walk around looking all slick carrying a suitcase filled with money or drugs and thought "Why not me?" Well, dream no longer. The website is selling a series of decals to stick on your suitcase so that you can transform into a) some kind of supervillain and, b) some kind of supervillain with x-ray vision. Grab yourself an awesome suit, put on some cool sunglasses, and (optional) handcuff yourself to your new be-stickered suitcase and you are ready to strike fear into the hearts of man and annoyance into the days of airport security workers everywhere!

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