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The Reunion You Didn’t Know You Wanted: That Thing You Do‘s The Wonders Reunite, and It Feels So Good

If you were at the Goddamn Comedy Jam at the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles last night, you got a really special treat! The reunion you didn't know you wanted (but realized you desperately did) happened, and it was glorious. The Wonders were back, and you can check out the performance after the jump!

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Hulu Rocks ’90s Nostalgia by Making Dawson’s Creek and Party of Five Available for Streaming

Also Jerry Maguire and My Best Friend's Wedding for added '90s goodness.

Whether you're old like me, and you totally remember when these shows were on, or you're a millennial for whom the 1990s are "retro," today is a great day! Hulu has just signed a multi-year deal with Sony, which means that 90s hit shows like Dawson's Creek and Party of Five will be available on the streaming service. Bust out your slap bracelets, and get ready to go back to the Creek!

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The Rock Shares Another ’90s Throwback Photo, Is Adorable

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson — actor, wrestler, producer, and super-adorable guy — has given us yet another peek into his '90s-era college years at the University of Miami.

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Internet Explorer Ad Blinds Us with ’90s Nostalgia to Hide the Fact People Still Don’t Like Them

If you were a kid growing up in the '90s, then chances are that the school computer lab was running Internet Explorer as their go-to browser. Chances are just as likely that it was suffering from the very same quality control issues 18 years ago as it is today. Since 1995, it's been that same dance of disappointment and frustration over Microsoft's inability to see that it has nearly two decades of problems to work out before it can hope to achieve the same level of prestige as Firefox and Google Chrome. In their latest attempt to make it appear that they've seen the error of their ways, Microsoft has released an Internet Explorer ad tugging at the heartstrings of those pining for the halcyon days of their '90s youth. While we certainly can't enough of the walk down memory lane, it does nothing to change the fact that Internet Explorer will remain a steaming pile of -- look, garish fanny packs!

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AT&T Pretty Much Predicted 2011 in 1993 [Video]

Back in the early 1990s when some of us were watching "The Real World" when it was real and were stubbornly making the transition from cassette tapes to compact discs, AT&T made some bold predictions related to technological advances of the future. Crazy things, like video conferencing, paying tolls without stopping, reading books on computers. Crazy! Well, as we know, all that stuff happened. Slightly differently than depicted, but it happened. And when you think about it, it's pretty cool that we made it happen. (via BuzzFeed via Best Week Ever)

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