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Olivia Benson Learns About Swatting in This Clip From Law and Order SVU‘s Gamergate Episode

Oh god no no it's more ridiculous than I imagined.

Personally I’d have preferred it be Ice-T who gets the tech lesson but you know what? I’m sure he’ll have his moment.

Some highlights from this clip:

  • I had to pause the video almost immediately after it started when I heard Mariska Hargitay say the word “doxxed” out loud and suddenly couldn’t stop laughing.
  • In case we were curious about which feminist gaming harassment headline this character’s more or less been ripped from, note the giant hoop earrings Raina is wearing.
  • They can’t trace the threats because of “the dark net,”  lolwhat.
  • Raine then namedrops Sony (HEADLINE RIPPING) and then refuses police protection, which according to the rules of SVU mean that something terrible is going to happen to her—which, if he below trailer is any indication, it definitely 100% does.

The episode will air on Wednesday, February 11th. And, bonus! All the commercials and previews are saying that the events were provoked by a violent video game, so get ready for that terrible subplot to get worked into what’s already a nonsense train.

(via Polygon)

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