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Here’s Our First Look at the Final Season of Supernatural

Because every day can be Supernatural day if you believe

Even though Supernatural day is technically over, but the cruel (but cute) God of the CW has gifted us with our first look at the final season premiere in an ominous new promo. “Welcome to the End,” says Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles). He isn’t pulling any punches when it comes to describing the dire state of things in season premiere, titles “Back and to the Future” written by showrunner Andrew Dabb.

the winchesters face off against hell zombies together

Sam and Dean face off against the hordes of hell. Again.


The episode picks up directly where the season fourteen cliffhanger left our boys: facing a horde of hell zombies after personally pissing off God (Rob Benedict). The monsters and ghosts the Winchesters have fought since season one all seem to be back now, from the woman win white they vanquished in the pilot episode to a terrifying killer clown they ganked in episode 300. Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Castiel (Misha Collins) also seem pretty scared of what awaits in a world where God is the enemy.

Here’s some more photos from the battle

Dean winchester fights hell zombies

Managing to look like a model when facing hell zombies: The Dean Winchester brand.

Sam Winchester fights some hell zombies

Maybe they should call Jeffrey Dean Morgan for some zombie killing advice?

Sam winchester fights more hell zombies

Sam looks conflicted here, maybe he feels bad killing these guys again?

castiel yells at zombies

Cas knows the best way to fight hell zombies is YELLING.

castiel fights hell zombies

I’m sure he’ll be fine.

Dean Winchester looks worried

Dean could only look this horrified for one reason: Someone ate his pie.

Dean Investigates a car

Dean is suspicious of any car built after 1972.

Sam Winchester in a FBI coat

Something tells me Sam isn’t doing a Burt Macklin, FBI cosplay.

Dean tends to a wounded sam

That’s gotta sting.

castiel looks very sad

How do I add this sad face emoji on my keyboard?

Not pictured in these images: Jack (Alexander Calvert), that sweet but now soulless son of Satan who ended last season dead, or his grandfather, God (Rob Benedict). We know both actors have filmed multiple episodes so far, so we’re sure to see more from them, along with other favorite guests like Rowena (Ruth Connell), God’s sister Amara (Emily Swallow), hunter Eileen Leahy (Shoshanna Stern), and more.

If you miss Jack though, never fear. He’s featured on the beautiful final season poster along with all three of his dads.

The end begins when the final season of Supernatural premieres Thursday, October 10th at 8:00 on The CW.

(Images: Shane Harvey/The CW)

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