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How Supernatural Predicted Our Toilet Paper Hoarding in Crisis

It's almost ... not natural.

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There’s a saying on the internet, around fandom spaces: “Supernatural has a gif for that.” The 15-year-old show has gif for everything, from giant suicidal teddy bears …


To how I feel about social media…

To, well … this.

And somehow, we also managed to have a gif ready for the coronavirus-induced toilet paper buying bonanza of 2020, from an episode that aired in 2009, no less. Thanks to a viral post on Tumblr, we were reminded of this timely gif:

chuck tells dean to hoard toiler paper on supernatural

That gif is from the (truly excellent) episode “The End.” In that episode, douchebag superior angel Zachariah seemingly sends Dean from 2009 five years into the future to see what the world looks like if he continues to refuse to be the vessel for the archangel Michel.

Not surprisingly, that version of 2014 isn’t a very fun place: it’s a bleak, violent version of America where all events have been shut down, the president is a xenophobic dimwit (Sarah Palin in this case) and the country has been overrun by a virus that starts with C that’s turned everything savage and horrible.

Wait a minute … being able to predict that is almost …

Um, well. I guess they were just a few years off? And at least we’re not dealing with the Croatoan virus, which turns people into murderous fiends with no respect for human life. The Republicans in office already have that covered!

It’s alright. While Supernatural has a gif for everything, the Winchesters also know a bit about coping with the apocalypse so I’m sure they have some good advice! Cas?

Um, well, sure. Hydrating is important. Healthy eating?

Yes, Dean, we know you’d rather have pie. Maybe Sam is better to look to for calm in a crisis.

Ugh, you guys are useless.

Okay, well, the Winchesters always make it through these crises despite … well, everything. So we’ll make it through somehow too. Right, Chuck?

Oh boy.

(via Tumblr, images: The CW, featured image: Katie Yu/The CW)

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