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Supergirl Recap: Mon-El Can’t Keep It In His Pants, Alex Acknowledges Her Queerness in “Crossfire”

"Sorry, I ran out of the Bribery Coffees." - Mon-El
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This week’s Supergirl was all about connection: between friends, and between those who might end up closer than friends. It was also about self-discovery, what with Mon-El learning what appeals to him about Earth (spoiler alert: it’s parties and sex), James realizing his calling, and Alex realizing that she might be a big ol’ queermo. Welcome to Season Two, Episode 5 of The CW’s Supergirl, “Crossfire.”

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image via Robert Falconer /The CW

image via Robert Falconer /The CW


  • Now that she has Mon-El under her charge, Kara gives him a complete makeover montage, complete with the requisite superhero “disguise” glasses and giving him the most generic name on the planet (“Mike”). James has given Mike a job at CatCo as a (paid?) intern, but when he comes in with Kara, he gets everything wrong. Except, it seems, getting James’ assistant, Eve Teschmacher, to be way into him.
  • Alex and Maggie are hanging out and playing pool at the alien dive baryou know, how friends dowhen Maggie reveals that her girlfriend dumped her. And Alex is so sorry to hear that. So, so sorry.
  • James and Kara take a walk to get coffee and Kara thanks him for taking on Mon-El. Their conversation is interrupted when bank robbers whiz past them. Kara turns into Supergirl and attempts to stop them, but the leader takes out a gun that is capable of taking Supergirl down. James tries to fight them, but ends up having his ass handed to him. The robbers escape, and Supergirl is very, very confused.
  • At the DEO, Winn runs through photos of several alien weapons to see if Supergirl recognizes any of them. She does, and he informs her that she’s stopped on an Andranian photon canon. As they talk about how an alien weapon might have gotten into the hands of common criminals, Project Cadmus puts out a video speaking out against the Alien Amnesty Act again, blaming it for alien weapons ending up in the hands of criminals. What a coincidence. (Actually, it’s totally not)
  • Back at CatCo, the editorial team discusses how to cover the bank robbery story. One reporter preaches the gospel of “the good guys getting more weapons to balance out the bad guys,” but Kara reminds him that that’s not the answer. James, meanwhile is in a snippy mood, and Ms. Teschmacher seems to be doing all of Mike’s work for him. When Kara confronts him, he starts saying “On Daxum, when a woman wants to please a man …” but Kara won’t let him finish that sentence. Instead, she reminds him that it’s his job to do his job. Lena Luthor unexpectedly shows up at CatCo looking for Kara. She invites Kara to a children’s hospital charity gala as her “only friend in National City,” and she accepts. Then Mike proceeds to invite himself, much to Kara’s annoyance.
image via Robert Falconer /The CW

image via Robert Falconer /The CW

  • At the DEO, as Winn tries to explain how they can track the alien weapons, Alex is way distracted. But it’s not about being into Maggie. NOT AT ALL. She’s just worried about her as a friend, that’s all! I mean, her girlfriend just broke up with her, you know? When Winn calls her on how messed up it is that she’s talking so much about Maggie and her ex-relationship, Alex reminds him of how he used to talk about Kara. “That’s different,” he says. “It’s not like you’re into this Maggie person.” Alex smirks. (Get a clue, Winn! It’s 2016!) Suddenly, the DEO gets word of another attack with alien weapons.
  • Supergirl rushes into action, and while she can’t apprehend the gang thanks to their ever-increasing alien weaponry, she does save a cop.
  • The scientist from Project Cadmus meets with the gang leader, Mr. Miner, and admonishes him for choosing targets for his attacks that are too big and attract too much attention. She wants him to scare the populace, but not if it means that Supergirl will interfere. He says that all he needs are bigger weapons, which the scientist provides.
  • Meanwhile, Alex approaches Maggie at the scene of the attack and asks her if she wants to “do something” after she’s done with work. At first, Maggie says she’s not up for it. When Alex continues to try and convince her, Maggie thinks she’s being asked out on a date, which Alex outright denies. Maggie apologizes for “reading her wrong.” Awkward …
image via Robert Falconer /The CW

image via Robert Falconer /The CW

  • As James chats with Kara at CatCo about how she can’t be objective when writing about Project Cadmus, because she knows what’s actually going on, James asks her where Mike is. She uses her super-hearing to try and find him, and she does not look happy about what she hears! She finds Mike and Ms. Teschmacher getting it on in a supply closet, breaks it up, and warns him that he can’t do this kind of thing at work, and if he doesn’t like it, he can find himself another mentor.
  • James randomly appears at the DEO to “talk to Winn,” except that he actually means that he wants information on the gang with the alien weapons and where they might strike next. The second that he figures out that the Federal Reserve may be the next target, he says goodbye to Winn and peaces out of there. Gee, thanks for stopping by to catch up, dude.
  • James, in a hoodie and holding a baseball bat lies in wait for the gang as they approach the Federal Reserve. As they attempt to leave with their ill-gotten gains, James tries to take them down. He beats on two of the guys pretty well, but doesn’t see Miner with his huge alien gun. Miner corners him in front of a building, then shoots the building, causing it to start cracking apart and preventing James from coming after him. James rushes in to try and get as many of the people in the building as he can out.
  • The next day, when James is tending to his bruised ribs at CatCo, Winn confronts him about the night before, having seen James’ antics on security footage. Winn is upset with James for “having a death wish,” but James insists that he’s realized that he’s tired of being the sidekick while others save the day. He wants to honor his father and do good for the world by being a hero. He asks Winn to help him by creating a suit and weapons for him, but Winn refuses, disapproving of James’ non-superpowered self throwing himself into danger. He reminds James that it’s the job of guys like them “to fight with knowledge. There is no shame in that.” James insists that he’ll do what he’s gonna do with or without Winn’s help.
  • Alex goes to Kara with something on her mind, but Kara dominates the conversation by complaining about Mon-El. She explains that she’s trying to show him the ropes, but that he’s not doing well, and she doesn’t understand why. Alex reminds her that when they were young, and Alex was acclimating her to life on Earth, she tried to make Kara behave like her only to later realize that Kara needed to forge her own path. Mon-El needs the same thing. Just as Alex is getting to what she came to talk to Kara about, Lena shows up at Kara’s apartment (she’s quickly becoming the Queen of Showing Up Unannounced!). She’s cashing in her favor in telling Kara the location of the alien fight club in last week’s episode by asking Kara to put her in touch with Supergirl.
image via Robert Falconer /The CW

image via Robert Falconer /The CW

  • Miner approaches the Cadmus scientist to tell her that he wants to target Lena’s gala event. The Cadmus scientist insists that he stay away from it, and that if he and his gang take on Lena Luthor, they’re on their own.
  • Supergirl goes to see Lena per “Kara’s request.” Lena wants to invite Supergirl to her gala, too, for protection. Supergirl promises that they’ll both be there.
  • Cue “Operation Doubtfire.” Kara enlists Winn’s help in her plan to go back and forth between being Kara and being Supergirl. He will monitor the party for alien weapons, and she will spring into action if necessary. The constant switching back and forth exhausts Kara to the degree that she starts shoving food into her face to get her energy back. As Kara, she even starts to have a decent time, and dances with Mon-El, much to Winn and James’ chagrin. Winn suddenly gets a weapons warning, and the gang shows up.
  • Supergirl starts fighting them, but she’s hurt by the alien guns. She gets an assist from Mon-El, but that doesn’t go any better. James wants to fight, but Winn talks him out of it. Winn goes under the stage at the gala only to find that Lena is under there with a bomb that would target and destroy the alien weaponry, but she can’t figure out how to get it to work. This was all an elaborate plan to apprehend the criminals! Winn, helps Lena figure it out (nerds!), and she is able to set the bomb off. destroying their alien weapons.
image via Robert Falconer /The CW

image via Robert Falconer /The CW

  • As Miner and his gang are being arrested by Maggie, Miner brings up the fact that he knows the identity of the person that supplied him with the weapons, which he will give in exchange for a deal. But before that can happen, he and the gang are killed remotely by the Cadmus scientists.
  • At CatCo, Winn comes around and agrees to help James become a hero (bromance!). Winn understands that “being a hero is addictive.” When he asks James what he plans on calling himself, James replies, “When we’re ready, everyone’s gonna know.”
  • Kara has a chat with Mon-El, apologizing for trying to impose her likes and dislikes on him. She agrees that he should find the thing he wants to do. Except strip clubs.
  • Alex seeks out Maggie at the dive bar again, only this time, she wants to make certain things clear. She explains that despite all the other elements in her life falling perfectly into place, the one area that’s never been perfect has been her dating life. She’s never liked being intimate, and had always assumed that she just wasn’t built for romance. Until now. Because she’s realized that Maggie was right about her. She then sheepishly says that she has to go, and leaves the bar. Maggie smiles.
  • Supergirl visits Lena, and Lena thanks her for her help at the party. Lena marvels at the idea of a Luthor and “a super” working together. As Supergirl leaves, the Cadmus scientist appears … AND LENA CALLS HER MOM!
image via Robert Falconer /The CW

image via Robert Falconer /The CW


There was so much squee for me in this episode, I don’t even know where to start! I love that the entire episode was about the relationships on the show, even down to the big reveal at the end where we learn that the Cadmus scientist is Lena’s mother (and Lex’s? Unless she’s found her birth mother?). Kara and Mon-El’s relationship is fascinating to me, because they really do seem like just friends, even like siblings. I love their dynamic. The way that he jokes with her, and the way she lovingly eye-rolls him.

They need to be that in each other’s lives, and despite their dancing at the party (and Winn and James’ insecurity over it), I feel less and less like there’s any big romantic plan for them. I mean, the show might force it, but I really, really hope not. They’re great and fun to watch as-is. I also love Mon-El on his own. He’s a wonderful, funny, invigorating character addition for the show, and I hope he sticks around!

Equally fun to watch were Winn and James as they’ve entered a new phase in their friendship. I love that Winn is basically going to be the Q. to James’, well, Bond, and I love even more how open and honest they’ve become with each other.

I’m really intrigued by this version of Lena Luthor, and I love how Katie McGrath plays her. I believe that she’s genuine in her desire to do good, and that she actually considers Kara (and now Supergirl) a friend, but there’s also something that seems a bit dark. Perhaps it’s just the remnants of her family’s shady history hanging over her, but I definitely feel like there’s more to her than we know so far.

One of my favorite parts of the episode is the fact that the show has decided to explore the idea of James Olsen, superhero. Hell, if Batman can be a hero with a special suit, gadgets, and martial arts training, why can’t Jimmy? The way that he said “the world is gonna know” when they’re ready made me believe that the show is going to give him the identity of an already-known DC hero. Any guesses as to whom he might be? In any case, they’ve finally given James Olsen a really interesting story arc! HALLELUJAH!

And then, of course, there was Alex’s journey throughout, which felt so honest and real, and is truly a testament to Chyler Leigh’s skill in playing the role. I’m glad that the show is doing a great job of actually having Alex discover things about herself and taking that time, rather than rushing to get Alex and Maggie in the sack. Don’t get me wrong, I firmly believe Alex and Maggie will end up in the sack, but it’ll be after Alex has taken the time she needs to figure herself out, and after they realize how good they are for each other.

Supergirl just keeps getting better and better, and this episode balanced humor and focused attention to character beautifully.

Well, that’s enough of my blathering! What did you think of Supergirl this week? Let’s chat about it in the comments below!

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8PM ET/PT on The CW.

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