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Supergirl and The Flash Are Singing About the Power of Friendship

This is not a drill.

The CW has released a preview of Melissa Benoist and Grant Gustin’s duet from the special musical crossover episode of The Flash, and it is literally a song about super-powered friendship. The clip contains laugh-y, smiley tap dancing and the lyrics “I’m your super friend” and “that’s the power of friendship.”

Like, at this point is the CW just openly firing shots at the DC film universe? These two shows are so joyful and warm that they almost feel like an over-the-top parody of their cinematic counterparts. But then someone will interview Gustin and he’ll say something like, “It’s all about love, really, and musical theater,” or Benoist will post Instagram photos with puppies and Girl Scouts, and I’ll realize…they’re just having this much fun, folks.

Below you can delight in the full lyrics:

At times like these
When life is getting me down
And the world seems like it’s gonna end…ship

There’s at least one power
That we both still have
And that’s the power of…friendship!

I’m your super friend
Your super friend

I’ll be there in the nick of time
If you’re ever in a spot!

And if you’re not there in time
You can go back in time
and give it another shot!

Now I’ll just sit back and wait for the internet to snarkily dub this song over Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice footage.

(Via io9; image via screengrab)

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