3DS Super Street Fighter IV Automatically Fights Other 3DS Street Fighers While In Your Pocket

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The upcoming version of Super Street Fighter IV for the Nintendo 3DS contains a very appropriate feature for the game franchise: It fights other 3DSes in the street.

Called “tag mode,” if a Super Street Fighter IV equipped 3DS passes by another 3DS with the game, the two handhelds will automatically duke it out using both players’ in-game collectible figures, earning more figures as the handhelds battle, leaving players to go on with their day while their 3DS is safely tucked away.

The game also features an “arcade standby” mode where players can easily challenge other players that happen to within the handheld’s wireless proximity.

Although Street Fighter now more accommodates street fighting (finally, geez), automatic progress and opened “standby” battle systems being implemented into portable games isn’t anything new, with the Pokéwalker automatically gaining experience while the player walks around for Pokémon transfered from the game into the device, the Hasbro handheld electronic game P-O-X supporting surprise attacks from other P-O-X players within proximity, and even what is considered to be the first mobile MMO, Pocket Kingdom for the defunct N-Gage, allowing players to raid other players’ castles when the owners weren’t around and actively protecting it.

Either way, the 3DS Street Fighter now makes people street fighters.

(Kotaku via Engadget)

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