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Super Smash Land: Playable Game Boy De-Make of Super Smash Bros.

Dan Fornance created Super Smash Land, a Game Boy de-make of the family-friendly party fighting game Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Land was created with Game Maker 8, and looks and sounds exactly like an old Game Boy game, sending this gamer into a weird nostalgia of playing Game Boy games in the backseat of his parents’ cars on long drives to other states.

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A playable demo will be released over at Piki Geek on December 17, which features two characters (Mario and Kirby), three stages, four-player multiplayer, and in-game options (music, SFX, full screen, control settings).

Kind of makes you wonder why Nintendo hasn’t released a portable Smash Bros. yet.

(Dan Fornance via GamesRadar)

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