Sunfyre sigil on Aegon II Targaryen in House of the dragon

Why You Should Watch Out For Sunfyre in ‘House Of The Dragon’

He's got beauty and brawn!

The opening credits of House of The Dragon season 2 are stitched with details about Targaryen history. If you notice the tapestry panel depicting King Aegon II on the Iron Throne, there’s a neat little change in the Targaryen sigil on his robes. And you can thank Sunfyre the dragon for it.

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Spoilers ahead for HOTD season 2!

Who is Sunfyre in ‘House of The Dragon’?

Only the best boi in the Dance of Dragons, if the books are to be believed!

Sunfyre, also known as Sunfyre The Golden and King Aegon’s Glory according to Fire and Blood, is a male dragon and the mount of King Aegon II Targaryen. He was born on the Dragonmont, the very active volcano on the island of Dragonstone. This is where a bunch of other unclaimed dragons like Vermithor hang out (remember Daemon singing to him in season 1?), and others, like Syrax (Queen Rhaenyra’s mount), lay their eggs.

When Aegon II was thirteen, he bonded with the dragon. There’s not much known about which dragon sired Sunfyre. But he was still one of the younger dragons, a 20-something, compared to the others like Vhagar, Caraxes, or Meleys, when the Dance of the Dragons began.

The dragon Sunfyre in House of the Dragon

In Fire and Blood, Archmaester Glydayn described Sunfyre as “the most beautiful dragon ever seen in the known world.” He had golden scales that gleamed in the light, and the membranes of his wings were pale pink. Despite his young age, Sunfyre was rather huge and a good fighter in battle. 

Not to give out too many spoilers for House of The Dragon, but Sunfyre has a huge part to play in the upcoming war between the Greens and the Blacks. And while you might not think much of his rider, King Aegon II, just yet, remember what we hear him say in the Greens trailer for HOTD season 2? “I’m as fearsome as any of them.”

King Aegon II and Sunfyre share a special bond and go on to do some pretty big things, which of course means, unalive some pretty important characters in the course of this war. We even see a shot of Aegon riding Sunfyre to battle in the trailers.

This pretty boy dragon and his rider could make for some great television.

What does Sunfyre have to do with King Aegon II’s sigil?

Aegon II riding Sunfyre in House of the Dragon

We’ve seen Aegon II on the throne in HOTD season 2 episode 1, and his sigil is still the Targaryen black/red one. But in the opening credits, and a lot of the book fan art, you can spot the three-headed Targaryen dragon sigil in gold on his armor. 

Aegon II adopted this image in honor of his dragon, Sunfyre.

Game of Thrones did have its share of dragons, yes. But with HBO’s House of The Dragon, we are starting to understand a lot more about the power of these magical creatures, their temperaments, their bond with their riders and their dragon offspring, and just how important they are to House Targaryen, more than mere fire-breathing mounts or bodyguards.

Can’t wait for Sunfyre’s fully-fledged HOTD debut!

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