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[Updated] Fashion Alert: Suckers Apparel Is Returning With Swimwear And Faux-Thigh Highs

My wallet will never recover.


One of our very favorite geek girl clothing lines, Suckers Apparel, has been on hiatus for a while – but we are so beyond thrilled to learn that they’re bringing their awesome comics-inspired fashion back to the internet next week with a new line of swimwear and leggings! [Update: the gallery has been removed at the creators’ request, but look for some official stuff coming next week!]

Here’s the tweet from their official page:

There are some sneak peeks over on the Suckers Apparel Twitter, too; including a dress inspired by Hannah from Rat Queens, and this awesome Storm/Julie Newmar Catwoman-inspired swimsuit.

Full disclosure: I am a huge Suckers Apparel fan and have been known to galavant around in their things, pretending I’m Captain Marvel and I’m not sad about it at all.

(via Fashionably Geek)

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