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We Figured out the Zodiac Sign for Every Character on Succession

I'm right.

The Roys on Succession

I am but a humble student of the Zodiac, and I have often found myself obsessed with the idea of assigning fictional characters astrological signs based on their actions. Of course, some characters have canonical birthdays and they celebrate them accordingly, but their characteristics can be indicative of an entirely different Zodiac sign than the one presented in the source material. Figuring out their true sign is my calling. So let’s have some starry-eyed fun with the folks from HBO’s Succession.

After Sunday’s exceptional season 2 finale, I wanted nothing more than to analyze what made everyone tick. Thus my definitive astrology of Succession was born.

Logan Roy (Libra)

Here is why I think Logan Roy is a Libra: He never admits he’s wrong. Labeled as “cool, calculating, cerebral and charming,” Libras also (in my experience) will skirt around their own wrongs and heap them upon others. Basically what Logan Roy did in the season finale.

Sure, canonically, he might not be a Libra (which again, if anyone’s birthday is listed on the show, I ignored it for my own highly scientific examination) but he shows Libran characteristics. We see him with his family, and the not-so-charming side of Logan, but that’s because we’re seeing the inner workings of him and his empire. He clearly has charm and charisma or he wouldn’t have his company in the first place and thus the confirmation that Logan Roy is a Libra is there.

Connor Roy (Pisces)

Often described as “shapeshifters,” the water sign Pisces is ever-changing and evolving. Which is one way you could describe Connor Roy. The eldest son of Logan, Connor has had twenty different life goals and was running for president until Logan told him he was an embarrassment.

From my own experience of Fish folks, Pisces is also the sign that tends to go with the flow the most. And, from what we’ve seen from Connor, he does. He listens to his father, does whatever everyone else says, and stays out of the family business. Unless he needs money. Then he’ll willingly throw himself under the bus and pretend to be a mastermind.

Kendall Roy (Scorpio)

Hi. As a Scorpio, let me tell you why Kendall Roy is a Scorpio also. Scorpio men are different than Scorpio women, but we have the same general principals. 1) We’re extremely loyal, often to a fault, but more importantly, 2) we never forget and we’ll never forgive. A Scorpio will occasionally give you chances. Sometimes it’s just one mistake that does it, but often three strikes and then, the jig is up and all bets are off.

So why does Kendall Roy, my favorite character and sweet disaster child, fall into the category? Because he let his dad ruin him twice. He let his father push him and destroy him and then when the time was right, he knew when to strike and literally let Logan Roy fall into a pit that he could not come back from. I have to respect that, Scorpio to Scorpio.

Shiv Roy (Taurus)

Described as “practical, stoic, determined, ambitious and materialistic,” Taurus is also symbolized as the Bull. Which, you know, means they’re Bull-headed. And all of that is the perfect description for the character of Shiv. Siobhan “Shiv” Roy is the only daughter of Logan Roy and, often, the only one with a sensible head on her shoulders. But then again, she does do whatever Logan Roy asks her, even if it goes against her better judgment.

Still, set in her ways and ready to stand by what she believes in, Shiv is a typical Taurus in that she does not care who gets hurt in her way, as long as she’s right and on the path she expects to be laid out for her. Maybe that’s why everything starts to fall apart for her in the season finale and her marriage is seemingly over, or maybe that’s entirely something different, but it does help set in stone her Taurus ways.

Roman Roy (Leo)

Vivacious, theatrical, and passionate. Am I describing a Leo or Roman Roy? SURPRISE! It’s both. The Zodiac that very much does not care about the Zodiac unless it directly reflects them, Leos are headstrong and emotional and will put on a show for anyone nearby. Which is basically Roman Roy even when he is trapped by terrorists in a foreign country.

The youngest son of Logan Roy, Roman tends to err on the side of dramatics to get what he wants. Crude comments or lashing out against his family, Roman wants to make a scene in order to be seen, and that’s what a Leo would do in his situation. So, if he’s not a Leo, he HAS to have a Leo rising in his birth chart.

Marcia Roy (Capricorn)

While Capricorns have a lot of traits that appeal to Marcia, the one that confirms her status as one is simple: Realistic. Marcia, while not an extremely important member of the Roy family (I didn’t say it, it’s just how the show works!), is one of the most grounded characters on the show, recognizing what to expect out of this family and her husband, Logan. Sure, she’s his third wife and seemingly not high on his priority list, but she still knows her place and stays there for most of the show.

Maybe it’s because she knows that if she keeps her head down and does what Logan wants then she’ll get a paycheck when he dies (again, not me, just the show) or maybe it’s because a Capricorn knows their place and how to get where they need to go, but either way, Marcia is the kind of character that won’t think twice about telling you how she feels and then showing you the door.

Greg Hirsch (Aquarius)

An Aquarius can be described as “free-spirited and eccentric, they can often be identified by their offbeat fashion sensibilities, unusual hobbies, and nonconformist attitude” so, you know, Greg. Cousin Greg is the character that everyone seems to have clung to with his strange views and seemingly out of place vibe with the rest of his family.

He’s sweet, he only wants to do what is right while making money, and he often finds himself buying Kendall Roy cocaine or doing illegal tampering with documents for Tom, but he does it in the name of this family and to make everyone happy and sometimes, you just want to hug Greg.

Tom Wambsgan (Aquarius)

Ever wonder why Greg and Tom are often at odds with each other but are also in love with one another? It’s because they’re both an Aquarius. They fight, they argue, but then they’re exactly the same, and thus Tom and Greg are my favorite non-couple couple on this show.

Tom Wambsgan goes with whatever Shiv tells him because he’s in love with her but what does that love cost him? Everything. He is sad married to her and he contemplates whether or not the sad he’d be without her is any less than how he feels with her. The fact that he constantly lets her walk over him just gives me strong Aquarius vibes. Truly, I hope Tom finds the best kind of love, preferably with Greg.

Gerri Killman (Cancer)

I love Gerri with my whole heart, and she is the only one who makes any sense on Succession. Maybe she should just have sex with Roman Roy already, but let’s explore why she’s a Cancer. One of the major qualities of a Cancer is their ability to pick up the feel of a room and adapt to it. You know what Gerri does that makes her great? She plays the room and understands what needs to get done.

That’s why she’s Logan’s most trusted and loyal advisor, and that’s why he protected her (along with Roman) during their “discussion” over who should take the fall for the company. Cancers know what to do in order to succeed and they make sure to take care of those around them at the same time. A very Gerri mood.

Frank Vernon (Pisces)

We’re back to the “go with the flow and do what they have to to survive but not anger them” group and Frank falls right into that category. Continually coming back to work with the Roy family, Frank is the man they fire if something goes wrong, and he just keeps coming back and doing whatever they need him to do.

Much like Connor, he sits and watches and offers up his opinions as to not get fired and lays low because otherwise, he’ll probably get thrown under the bus again (which he almost did last night because why not always throw Frank under the bus?) so yes, Frank is a Pisces, but there are more …

Karl (Pisces)

Because Karl is also a Pisces. Karl, who was last really seen negotiating a deal with Roman so the company could go private, does basically whatever you tell him to. When the group was talking about who should be the fall guy, what did he do? He just vaguely turned the conversation towards Gerri and didn’t even say why he shouldn’t be the fall guy. Oh, Karl.

Karl and Frank are essentially interchangeable in regards to their significance to the Roy family and that fact makes them Pisces in my mind. (I’m so sorry to Pisces. Most of my friends are Pisces but you are all not treated well in Succession and if I were you, I’d take it up with Logan Roy.)

Tabitha (Sagittarius)

I often describe Sagittarius as the sign that cannot be trusted. Sure, we Scorpios get the bad rap but LISTEN, you know who was a Sagittarius? Ted Bundy. Charming, intelligent, personable—also a serial killer. And that’s how I would describe Tabitha. With Roman for whatever reason (she literally only talks about how they do not have sex with each other), Tabitha is always there, lurking, planning when she will kill (literally), and honestly, maybe that’s why I love her.

Great at seeing the big picture, a Sagittarius is the sign that often knows how to figure out where they want to go and how to get there (metaphorically speaking). Which is true to Tabitha as a character, as she knows that she loves Roman and he loves her, but that it won’t go past their companionship and the convenience of it.

Rhea Jarrell (Gemini)

The two-faced sign that gives us all anxiety, Geminis are not to be trifled with. They are the sign that has their sides and you want to make sure you are on the good one. You know what side Logan Roy is on with Rhea Jarrell? Not the one you want to be on, that’s for sure!

Someone who willingly screwed over her former boss in order to get in with the Roy family, Rhea will flip-flop depending on what is best for her and that is a very Gemini trait to possess. She does what she has to for her own success but doesn’t care about literally anyone else and can switch her loyalty as if she just flipped a coin.

Willa Ferreyra (Scorpio)

Willa, a gem, a woman after my own heart, a fellow Scorpio. Willa is the girlfriend of Connor and often his voice of reason that he completely ignores, but she lets it happen. Why? Because she’s getting what she wants out of the relationship and she doesn’t particularly care what Connor has to say otherwise.

A playwright, Willa needed funding for her new work and that means that she has to put up with Connor and his nonsense but still gets to say her piece and have her work done. So, you know, a Scorpio. I love her and her willingness to just say whatever and do what she wants anyway, and then going on to get the perks of being with the Roy family. It’s a mood and one that I respect.

We have come to the conclusion of my Succession character astrological standings and if you don’t agree, you can, as Logan Roy would say, “f**k off.”

Just kidding. Let’s talk Succession Zodiac in the comments.

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