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Make Your Subway Tickets Into X-Wings!

French artist Hubert de Lartigue has devised an ingenious way to recycle his subway tickets: make them into X-Wing fighters.  Not only has he kindly shared pictures with the internet, he has also posted tutorials of how to turn Parisian metro tickets into X-Wings and Millenium Falcons (the latter complete with a stand) on his website,

We wish we could try it out with our metro cards, but we’re from New York, and our cards are made from cold, unfeeling plastic.

Lartigue’s models use no glue, but do involve X-Acto knives.  He says that the proportions and markings on the Paris metro tickets worked seamlessly in guiding his steps, so it may be difficult to replicate using cards of other cities.

A guide to the X-Wing can be found here, and the Mellenium Falcon here.

Directions are provided in both French and English.

(Via Neatorama.)

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