Students Don't Care About QR Codes, You Probably Don't Either [Infographic]

Some consider QR codes a noble failure — neat in theory and practice, but who cares? Not students. Have you ever whipped out your phone to capture a QR code while waiting for the bus or train, or did you just kind of stare at the pattern and feel the need to dig your old Nintendo out of the closet and play some pixelated gaming history? Marketing firm Archirival wondered how engaging the QR codes tend to be, and took to college campuses to find out. A clever move, in that college kids are usually seen as the epicenter of technology adoption. Archrival found that only 21 percent of the surveyed students successfully scanned a QR code before, and 75 percent said they don’t plan on scanning one in the future. Aside from those interesting, yet dismal for companies that employ QR codes percentages, there are some more findings below, all prettied up in infographic form.

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(via Archrival)

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