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Brace Your Inner Child: New Art From Bill Watterson, Creator of Calvin and Hobbes

This pleases us.


Bill is back. The beloved creator of Calvin and Hobbes designed amazing poster art for the documentary Stripped, available for advance order on iTunes as of midnight last night. It’s a huge testimony to the movie’s quality that the notoriously discerning Watterson was involved, but he could design a poster promoting his butt, and I’d be happy.

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According to the documentary’s website, Stripped is a “love letter to comic strips” that interviews over 70 of the most famous names in funnies “about the art form they love, and what happens to it as newspapers die.” Watterson appears in the film for his first audio interview ever (be still our hearts!)

Other famous appearances include Bill Amend of Foxtrot, Jim Davis of Garfield, and Jeff Keane of The Family Circus. The complete list of interviewees is available here. Take a look at the trailer to see how the most respected names in the comic newspaper game talk about the changing face of their profession.

Watterson says that “In the right hands, a comic strip attains a beauty and an elegance that really I would put against any other art.” Hopefully a documentary about comic strips also has the same potential—especially when the hands involved include Bill’s.

Here’s Watterson’s poster for Stripped. We missed you, man.


(via io9, images via MyShots@Photography and  Stripped)

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