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Stop Asking for a Recast of Lois Lane in the DCEU

I’m a brunette who is now a journalist who loves dark-haired men with blue eyes, so obviously I have always related to Lois Lane as a character. And we have never had a bad Lois Lane in the sea of adaptations of Superman’s greatest love. So tell me why the news of Henry Cavill’s return to Superman has some random people on Twitter saying they want Amy Adams recast.

The “reaction” comes not from fans of the DCEU—I guess. I don’t know. Their reaction makes no sense, and any fan of the DC universe would not hold this opinion because Amy Adams was a great Lois Lane and is in one of arguably the best scenes in Batman v Superman, when Lois and Clark are in their home together and Clark gets into the bathtub clothed, and it rules.

But the bait tweets have been placed, and people are talking about it and putting who they want in the ring for the role that is not anyone else’s to take. Lois Lane, in the Henry Cavill Universe, is Amy Adams.

Why do people want a recast?

Why? I dunno. Because they think they had zero chemistry, which is incorrect.

And others seemed to think their age gap was weird. Given the way Hollywood works, I’d actually prefer if the people who think this just … stop talking. Adams is 48 and Cavill is 39 so, for once, it is an older woman with the hunk of a love interest, but hey, you guys want Adams recast with women … in their early 30s?

This rush to tear Adams down has nothing to actually do with Adams’ performance as Lois Lane and everything to do with people wanting to have a voice in the conversation online—which you don’t have to! You can just carry on with your day and sit this one out.

If anything, the tweets should be asking whether or not Adams is coming back and praising her choices regardless, because Adams is consistently one of the best parts of whatever she’s in. She brought Lois Lane to life in the Snyderverse in such a way that I wanted to know more about her, and I hope she comes back for the future of Cavill’s Superman and Clark Kent and plays a bigger role.

So I want Amy Adams to stay on as Lois Lane, and I want her to continue to be the badass we know her to be!

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