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Woman Freaks Out, Kills Boyfriend With Shoe

No, really. This happened. Those are some killer shoes.


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Ana Trujillo killed her boyfriend with her stiletto. So, that happened.

Trujillo, 44, and boyfriend, Alf Stefan Andersson, 59, had spent the evening drinking at a local bar. Remember, everyone: tequila has never fostered good decisions. Trujillo claims that another man hit on her, causing an argument between herself and Andersson. They left the bar angry. Several hours later, at the behest of concerned neighbors, police arrived at Trujillo’s apartment and found Trujillo soaked in blood, Andersson dead.

Trujillo claims her boyfriend attacked her, and wouldn’t stop as she attempted to fend him off herself, leaving her no choice but to kill him in self-defense. Using her shoe.

Walter Garcia, assistant manager at a restaurant the couple frequented, never knew the pair to argue. He has been quoted expressing the staff’s grief over Andersson’s death and anger with Trujillo.

I think it’s clear what the real mystery is here: What brand were these shoes, and where I can buy them? Just in case. You know. The world is full of crazy people.

Trujillo has been charged with murder and remains jailed, with bond posted at $100,000.

[Editor’s Note: Maia raised the question of what brand the shoes in question were. I can only assume we’re talking about… the cruel shoes. — Glen]

(via Seattle Times, image via Rene Passet)

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