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Watch Steven Yeun Passionately Argue That Aliens Are Real on The Meltdown

The Walking Dead fans are no doubt still abuzz about the season 7 premiere episode, which was met with a number of mixed and negative reviews. Steven Yeun himself talked about the events that occurred here. If you’re not caught up on The Walking Dead or if you’re a bit fatigued from engaging with all that discourse, take a break with this short clip from Comedy Central’s The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail in which Kumail Nanjiani and Yeun yell about their firm beliefs that aliens exist and the government is likely hiding them from us.

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It’s not too surprising that Nanjiani, who hosts The X-Files Files, adopts this stance, but it’s also fun to see Yeun passionately argue for Team Alien as well. Jonah Ray, however, makes a Neil deGrasse Tyson joke that lands horribly–something that Nanjiani doesn’t let him get away with.

For those curious, here’s a short clip of Tyson talking about what he actually think of aliens with Andy Samberg, who coincidentally also brings up some robot questions that Westworld approaches.

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