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Steven Universe Season Five Is Going to Make Us All Weep Like Children, Isn’t it?

"Steven Universe can get really intense, huh?" 


Cartoon Network went on Twitter today to announce the premiere date of Steven Universe season five, accompanied by a short teaser that’s got us all emotionally compromised. Even with the short recap, there’s a lot going on in those 49 seconds!

After a short recap of some of Steven’s adventures, he turns to Connie and says, “It’s nice to know we can still have peaceful days like this without any trouble.” Oh, Steven. Oh, Steven, Steven, Steven. That’s an invitation for conflict, if I’ve ever heard one.

Starting May 8th we’re going to see Sadie disappear, a lot of frantic running/crying from everyone, and Steven likely doing something incredibly brave. I know that “Do you know what you’re doing?” tone and that reassuring look in front of an ambiguous glowing light. That’s a brave self-sacrificing plot line!  My heart.

The teaser also curiously ends with the words “Are you my dad?” My heart againIn a show that’s full of so many maternal figures, I’m very intrigued about where Steven Universe will venture in season 5, especially when its themes of love, acceptance, and family feel extra important now.

Scrolling through Twitter replies, Steven Universe fans are equally excited and frantic about the emotions this show is going to make us go through. If you need a refresher, there’s plenty of time for a re-watch. Alternatively, check out our Steven Universe recaps to prepare yourself for Steven’s all-new adventure next month. Are you ready for a new season?

(via Polygon, Image: screencap)

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